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WMV is an abbreviation for Windows Media Video and it was developed by Microsoft. It is the name of a series of video codecs with their corresponding video coding formats. MP4 is the official file name for MPEG-4 part 14 and is a multimedia container format commonly used to store audio and video but can also store other data such as. Drag and drop single or multiple WMV videos into the program; Click on the Output Format button and choose output as MP4; Also, you can choose to convert WMV to HD MP4 format on mac. Click on the output format button, go to HD Video and select HD MP4 as needed. Wmv to mp4 mac free download - Aiseesoft MP4 Converter for Mac, Winamp for Mac, Mac Free Any MP4 Converter, and many more programs.

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Q: How can I convert WMV to MP4 online, free over 100mb?

Click the “Choose Files” button to select your WMV files. Click the “Convert to MP4” button to start the conversion. When the status change to “Done” click the “Download MP4” button. VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player is a well-known multimedia player. And as an open source.

There is nothing wrong if you have the same question and converting WMV to MP4 is your concern. A lot of users are struggling with the same. We always try to understand your situation and therefore, here again, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we are telling you different ways through which you can easily fulfill the concerned motive. we will introduce an effective WMV to MP4 video converter that will easily help you, no matter what size of the file you have. Without much ado, let us begin with conversions.

Part 1. How to Convert WMV to MP4 Easily without Losing Quality

As the best video converter, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate converts WMV to MP4 efficiently and deals with any sort of video or audio formats. No doubt, it provides the results that always make customers content. For speedy conversion and no loss over quality, it can be considered a tool that stands out from others in the market. Also, it is completely compatible with Windows and Mac and works perfectly with both. Let's see more features of it below:

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

  • You can convert WMV to MP4 in batch at up to 90X faster speed.
  • It can convert over 500 file formats that may include MP4, MOV, MP3, MKV, AVI, and many others.
  • From more than 1000 video sharing websites, you can easily download videos.
  • You can compress the videos using this tool with so much ease.
  • Video editing functionality is also offered. You can trim, crop, rotate video or add subtitle and more.
  • Other added features like burning DVD, recording videos, making Gifs etc. are also promised.

How to convert WMV to MP4 using Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

01 Add WMV videos

Start with downloading Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate on your computer and then install it. Once done, launch the tool for initiating conversion. Now, you can import your WMV file to the program’s interface by using + Add Files button in the Convert tab. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the video. On a plus, add multiple videos if you want batch conversion.

02 Choose output format as MP4

Now, on the conversion board where your file is imported, hit on the drop-down next to Convert all file to: option. You will find a window that will let you choose the format. From there, hit on Video tab and click MP4. Choose the quality now if you want.

Before you convert the video, you have a chance to edit the video. For this, you could notice three editing icons just below the thumbnail of the video. Using those, you can trim or crop the video. On a plus, you can also add subtitles, watermark and effects to enhance the final output.

03 Convert WMV File to MP4

When you are done with selecting output and editing, you can convert your file. Simply hit on Convert button next to each video’s target section. Or click on Convert All to make the conversions in batch. After a few seconds, you can get the WMV converted into MP4 format without quality loss.

Zamzar is one of the popular online WMV to MP4 video converter. It also supports other formats than these two. The interface is completely neat and beautiful to use. It supports various languages. It can work with 200MB files without signing up otherwise, you need to sign up.

Step 1: From the 1, 2 and 3 step buttons, hit on 1 i.e. Add Files and then browse the WMV file from your computer.

Step 2: Now, the step 2! Click on the drop-down icon of Choose Format and you will see a list of formats. Choose the one that you need.

Step 3: You have now reached to the final step i.e. number 3. Click on the Convert Now button and within seconds, you will get the results. Hit on Download in the last and congratulation! You have converted WMV to MP4 online.

Well, while an online converter is helpful for many, there are always some disadvantages related to it on the other hand. Let us put some light on those.

  • One of the biggest limitations when it comes to online converters is the size. We can find rare online converters that can work with the large sized files to get converted.
  • Another thing to be noted that the internet is a must have when you wish to work with an online converter. This maybe a great drawback if your internet is not active and stable. You might get annoyed at that moment.
  • Similarly to size, it is rare to find a converter if you want to convert many files at once. Batch conversion is not provided by almost every online converter. If provided though, it can only be able to convert 2-3 files only.

This is a yet another converter to help you converting WMV to MP4 online. It can also support 200MB file at maximum. It doesn’t support encrypted or protected video files. Here is how to convert WMV file to MP4 using this converter.

Step 1: Visit the link and click on the Upload File button and choose the option. If you choose From URL, a new field will come where you have to enter URL. If you choose Upload File, then you need to click on Choose File and look for the one to be converted.

Step 2: Hit on Convert and then you’re good to go.

Aconvert is the third way to convert WMV to MP4 online. You can upload the source file from Google Drive, Dropbox, PC (of course) and using URL. It is also supportive to various languages. The stpes for this are given below.

Step 1: Go to the website and click on Choose Files. Simply search the source file.

Step 2: Now, go to Target format and choose the MP4 format. Lastly, you can opt for the changes if you want and hit on Convert Now!

Part 3. WMV vs MP4

There is no notable difference between these two formats when it comes to picture quality. If anything, MP4 is the more preferred video file simply because it is highly portable and playable across all kinds of devices. WMV video files, on the other hand, are mostly supported by Windows based devices. But looking through the technicalities, bitrate becomes the chief concern when choosing between these two video file formats.

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Can you play WMV on Mac? WMV is a very popular video format developed by Microsoft. However, for Mac users, it's a little bit head-scratching for them to play, edit WMV files and to import them to iTunes. Because its compatibility with Mac system is not very satisfying. For example, you can't play WMV with QuickTime; you can't edit WMV with iMovie or Final Cut Pro. WMV is not a welcome video format on Mac. Fortunately, a WMV converter for Mac can fix all these problems.

WMV files are video codecs based on the Microsoft Advanced Systems Format (ASF) container format. It is a propriety codec that has been developed by Microsoft to play WMV files on its operating system. However, apples computers and devices don’t have native support for WMV files which is why it is hard to play WMV files on Mac.

Playing WMV files on the computer requires a lot of processing power, this it relies on the decoder to generate video frames, hence it is important to change and convert files from WMV to MP4, FLV or MOV file formats. This can be remedied by using third party plugins on apple default players or using other Mac WMV video converter to be able to change to WMV supported formats. In this article, we will explore WMV video convertor and other free WMV converters available in the market that can be used on Mac.

Part 2: How to Convert WMV Video with WMV Video Converter for Mac

Using the WMV video converter for Mac, you can convert the WMV files into your MP4, FLV or your other favorite video formats. This is because most probably your mac device won't be able to play your MKV files due to incapability issues.

UniConverter is one of the best WMV video converter software that is currently available in the market that can be used to convert the files. The software comes bundled with other additional advantages and features, this ensures that the user has a complete tool for any of his/her needs. The following are a list of some of the features that the software contains.

UniConverter(formerly UniConverter)

Great user interface: one of the best interfaces that is user-friendly and easy to understand for people not familiar with the software.
In-built editor: edit video with better quality through providing different screen resolution, device display options, cutting and joining of videos together.
Extremely fast: excellent faster conversion rate than other video converters available currently in the market.
Batch conversion: you can convert multiple files that you had added all at once.

Import the files to WMV Converter

  • First, install the WMV video converter for mac
  • After launching the application click on the + Add file option, it is on the left side of the menu with a + sign.
  • Additionally, you can drag and drop the files directly to the Convert option, to hasten your process. Point to note is that you can drag multiple file formats.

Choose the desired output

  • Click on the Convert all tasks to option on the right side of your interface.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and choose your desired output file format (MP4, FLV, MOV)
  • Choose the resolution you want your output to have.

Convert your files with Mac WMV Converter

  • You can edit your videos by trimming, cropping or rotating. You can do this by clicking on the edit icons that are under your video.
  • Click on the Convert all button to convert your files to the desired file format after all your settings have been made.
  • Click on the Converted tab to get your converted files.

This is an excellent video converter that comes with a host of features to choose from. Using the application you can record your screen, batch processing, file conversion, video burning, and many others. It is compatible with both mac and windows operating systems. Wondershare free video converter is the most recommended by most users, the premium version ensures that you can use the software with no restriction imposed on you.

Developed by ConvertFiles team, Online File Converter has another alternative site for the users who would want to convert files with larger storage sizes and to also obtain other premium services. The program will erase all of your converted files after an hour of the conversion process, keeping your data safe and secure.

The following are the steps that you can follow to use it to convert your files to your desired format.

Step 1: add your files

  • Download, install and then open your video converter.
  • Click on the 'Add Files' option to add your files. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your files directly to the software.

Step 2: Select your format

  • Click on the 'Convert all files to' option.
  • Select 'Video' then choose your desired file format.
  • Change your file settings or keep your original file settings.

Wmv To Mp4 Mac Os

Step 3: Convert and check your files

  • On the 'Output' tab, select the location of your files.
  • Click on Convert all button to change your WMV files to your desired format.
  • Click on Converted button to check your files.

This is one of the best free video converters for mac, it comes equipped with a variety of features that makes it attractive for use by professionals and amateurs alike. It can convert your files from the WMV format into MP4, FLV, MOV file options. It is easy to use, and following the following steps, you can employ it effectively for the desired results.

Step 1: Click on the “Add Videos” button to add the videos that you want to convert.

Step 2: From the drop-down, select the video that you want to convert.

Convert Wmv To Mp4 For Mac

Step 3: Click the “Convert Now” button to convert your videos.

Free make is a quality freeware that can be used to convert videos to your desired formats. It converts your files in a safe, fast and efficient manner. The fact that the software has no registration, time limits or other hidden costs has ensured that it has attracted a slowly growing community of users.

Change Wmv To Mp4 Mac

Step 1: Download the Freemake free WMV converter.

Convert To Wmv Mac

Step 2: Add your WMV files to the application.

Step 3: Click on the 'to MP4' option.

Convert Wmv To Mp4 Mac Vlc

Step 4: Set your final video settings.

Step 5: Finally click on 'Convert', to change your WMV file formats.

We hope that this article, helps you be able to convert your MVC files into MP4, FLV, and MOV on Mac. Now you can watch your videos easily on your mac without the need to have a windows computer by using the recommended UniConverter for Mac.

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