Speccy For Mac Download

Speccy For Mac Download

Speccy makes it easy for anyone, especially a computer technician, to view the specifications of a computer in detail. Different is the case with the built-in feature of Windows that displays system information in a report format that impressed for what it is, Speccy presents the information in such a way that it becomes more comfortable to read and easy to digest.

Speccy For Mac Download Software

Speccy for linux free download. Unreal Speccy portable Portable ZX-Spectrum emulator supports Z80 128K (Pentagon) AY/YM, Beeper, Beta Disk, Tape, Kempston. Free download Unreal Speccy Portable Unreal Speccy Portable for Mac OS X. Unreal Speccy Portable is an open source, browser extension ZX Spectrum emulator.

Speccy Professional

Turn your phone into a spectrum analyzer. Speccy????? is an 'Audio Spectrum Analysis' tool that visualizes the propagation of sound frequencies in the audible (and inaudible) spectrum detected through your device's microphone using Fast Fourier Transform signal processing. It supports most languages of any similar application (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, Italian, Russian, French and Thai) and is the only application that also allows you to export audio snapshot data to the clipboard (for plotting in Excel, etc.). Speccy????? has a wide variety of uses, such as:
- Environmental noise assessment for health and safety
- Sound test sites PA and stereo systems in the car
- Identify audio signals obscured to the human ear by noise
- How to test the microphone on your device
- Comparison of the quality of the different brands of headphones
- Signal Generator Testing
- Tuning of musical instruments
- Measuring audio signals outside human perception. As people age more than 20 years, their auditory perception range falls well below 21 kHz.

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