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SoundCloud Apps for Mac are of great importance for keeping track of the information inside the browser while listening to the music of our desire. Native SoundCloud apps for Mac are far better in this in comparison to the normal web apps available for download from the various downloading platforms. In the absence of the SoundCloud desktop apps for Mac, It is quite troublesome to press the Play/Pause key again and again to as it instantly opens the iTunes option instead of pausing the currently playing soundtrack.

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App provides the special functionalities of its own along with even the similar. SoundCleod is a desktop application which brings SoundCloud to macOS and Windows without using a web browser. Compared to using in a web browser like Chrome or Firefox you will get the following extras when using SoundCleod: Dark mode. Desktop notifications.

Best SoundCloud Desktop Apps For Mac OS X

1. SoundCleod

App provides the special functionalities of its own along with even the similar characteristic features as that of the basic native web apps. This app is also compatible with providing and restoring the key functionality in full media interface. This statement means to state that the SoundCleod app is sufficient enough in playing, pausing and skipping back and forth even without finding the right tab inside the user’s feed environment. Repeating, Shuffling as well as Scrubbing kind of features inside the soundtrack appears deep inside the SoundCleod frame’s bottom which can also be navigated back and forth with the help of cmd+Left/Right arrow.

2. Soundnode

Talking the fully native and opensource SoundCloud Apps, this app definitely wins the race which is also available completely for free as open source app to get downloaded. In addition to the Mac operating systems, this app is also available for Linux as well as the Windows environment. This functionality itself explains the high-end technologies utilized for the development of this app and making it compatible with all these platforms. A deep colored theme is viewable in the app and a sidebar is also provided for media controls as well as the navigation at the window’s bottom. An added Searching feature has also been provided in the app to instantly search the required query.

3. Cumulus

Soundcloud for macbook air

This app has been well designed to get inside the Mac menu bar silently during the installation and continues to acquire the place until and unless it is requested to arrive. A three-pane window instantly gets opened soon after clicking on the icon of this app which displays the playlists along with the feeds and likes. Cumulus app can be kept fully under the control with the help of several media-based keys which also provides a support for the notifications to get appeared after each and every track change. However, the app is in love with most of the users all around the globe because of easy access to all the essential options inside the menu bar itself.

Soundcloud For Mac

4. VOX

Soundcloud For Mac Software


VOX is one of the most demanded native media player which can instantly be used after successfully creating the SoundCloud account. Prior to that, a free VOX account is needed to be created by the users and after that, the SoundCloud account can effectively get linked for various processing. Premium plan membership will often get prompted in front of the users after which the tracks will not need to get played from the SoundCloud. No playlist support is provided and there even does not exist any option to post the comments. However, the users can hover the Now Playing area to instantly like the soundtracks.

5. BeardedSpice

It is not an individual and cannot be thought of as a separate SoundCloud app. It picks up the SoundCloud web app and fixes most of the unresolved issues quickly. Web-based media player’s control is allowed via this helpful app and other several apps of the native category with the help of Mac’s media control keys. This BeardSpice apps makes itself hidden beneath the menu bar and uses the special command cmd+F6 focusing the bearded spice controlling tab. Several other sites including Daily Motion, Netflix, Google Music also provides an environment for this app to function properly.

6. Anesidora

This is one of the best regarded and rewarded free SoundCloud desktop apps for Mac OS providing multiple functionalities. With extremely simple and beautiful interface, the app also provides support for Retina displays as well as the accessing center of notification for the users to get notified about the deep-rooted functions which are inbuilt here. A Proxy is even automatically applied if the app detects the location outside the United States which makes every Pandora feature available for the users.


7. Sylo

Sylo is an app filling the entire expectations of the music lovers all over the world with dedicated skins, graphical interfaces, top quality soundtrack playing options with other added multiple functionalities. The app has the capacity to search all the available music paths and platforms at one go and thereby the app allows every single music lover to access and use the largest dictionary of music tracks of all categories all over the world.

Soundcloud For Macbook Pro Laptop

8. sTunes

sTunes is another free Soundcloud desktop app for your Mac which comes with a built-in 10-band music equalizer & volume amplifier providing an improved sound quality. The desktop app runs in the background of your Mac and lets you easily play, pause, switch, shuffle or repeat songs using keyboard shortcuts.

Soundcloud For Macbook

Above mentioned are the best SoundCloud desktop apps for Mac. Which is your favorite SoundCloud app?

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