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Are you searching for the best AdBlock for safari? Here, you’ll find all the best Adblocks in one place!

We created AdBlock for Safari as a powerful Mac ad blocker. It blocks ads on millions of websites immediately and it will speed up page load times and make browsing the web fun again. AdBlock Pro for Safari - how do I download the app on PC? If you want to download the software on your pc or mac, you could either first visit the Mac store or Windows AppStore and search for the app OR you can easily use any of the download links we provided above under the 'Download and Install' header section to download the application. AdBlock Pro: Detects anti-ad blocks. One of the new ad-blocks in the market is AdBlock Pro. ‎The easy way to block ads on your Mac. Annoying ads like pop-ups, video ads, banners and ads disguised as content are things of the past thanks to Adblock Plus (ABP)! Safari users enjoy a peaceful and delightful web experience when using Adblock Plus, the world’s number 1 ad blocker. Apple be like:- Safari got to be kidding me 😂. Posted by 1 day ago. They're trying to go for a high score huh.

On October 20, 2019, safari upgraded to version 13 in which, some best ad-blockers don’t work. And so, many safari users are suffering.

But worry not! Here, we have included some of the best Adblocks that work fine in the new safari, both paid and free. So read the article, and you’ll find out the best Adblock you need for safari.

Best Adblock For Safari (Paid & Free):

We have introduced here some best ad-blocks for safari we find on the internet. There are some awesome ad-blocks, both paid & free. And they are the following:

Adblock For Mac Safari

  1. AdBlock Pro (free)

  2. Ghostery lite (free)

  3. AdGuard (free)

  4. Wipr (paid)

  5. Unicorn blocker (paid)

  6. 1Blocker (paid)

1. AdBlock Pro:


Detects anti-ad blocks

One of the new ad-blocks in the market is AdBlock Pro by Crypto, Inc.

Safari Adblock For Mac


  • Improves browsing speed & battery life.
  • Saves up data by 50%.
  • It’s free & available for both IOS & Mac safari.
  • Stops all the – Advertisements, Trackers & useless sources, Anti-Adblock detectors
  • There is a specific button for this in safari.
  • Filters all the adult contents.
  • Kid-friendly.

2. AdGuard:

Best for post-processing pages

AdGuard is also a free ad-blocker that allows you to customize your filter choices.



  • Blocks all the annoying ads.
  • Processes a page before the browser loads it. So, the page you see is clear from ads.
  • Provides many free features.
  • Allows you to customize your filter choices.
  • Phishing Filter: This is an additional feature that helps you to blacklist all the Phishing sources.
  • Gives you a white list where you can add the site you want to support.
  • AdGuard uses two sources to block and filter adds: The browser & AdGuard’s blacklist
  • AdGuard also acts as an antivirus to secure your network.
  • Removes ads from YouTube, UTorrent, Skype, and many apps.

3. Ghostery Lite:

World-class privacy protection

Ghostery Lite is one of the latest versions of the former app Ghostery.


  • Works exclusively for safari.
  • Clears all the ads smoothly.
  • Secures your online activities from trackers.
  • You can change the system and settings anytime the way you want.
  • Stops cookies & comment options.
  • Ghostery Lite ensures your data safety.
  • Follows the new privacy ecosystem of APPLE and provides wide-range protection to safari users.
Adblock for mac chrome

4. Wipr:

Most popular ad-block

Wipr is a popular ad-block for safari. It has many incredible features.

Free Adblock For Mac


  • Stops all kinds of ads and cookies and helps you find the content you look for only.
  • Uses new content blocking technology to speed up safari.
  • Stops all kinds off trackers and gives you privacy.
  • Wipr upgrades the blacklist two times in a week.
  • Clears all the ads and stops lagging in safari.
  • Secures your personal and sensitive information like passwords or credit card information.
  • Costs only $2.

5. Unicorn Blocker:

Best for loading pages faster

Unicorn Blocker is another paid ad-block for safari.


  • Stops all kinds of ads and works on 3x speed.
  • Easily blocks:
  • Spams
  • Pop-ups
  • Scroll ads
  • Redirects
  • 18+ ads
  • Unicorn Blocker works using the content blocking technology API of APPLE. So, it is trustworthy.
  • Increases your battery life.
  • Clears all the junks before they load on any page.
  • Works very well on safari in any APPLE products.
  • Its price is $3.99.

6. 1Blocker:

Youtube Adblock For Safari Mac

Best for IOS

It is one of the earlier ad-blockers for APPLE devices.


  • Increases browsing speed by blocking all kinds of ads and pop-ups.
  • Uses the APPLE content blocking technology API.
  • Consists of 115000 rules for blocking and security.
  • You can easily manage the settings and create rules as you want.
  • You can hide specific content on a page.
  • Syncs over your device through icloud.
  • Its price is $4.99.

Adblocks We Liked (Paid & Free):

All the ad-blocks that we have introduced here are the best ones. But among them, we recommend:

  • AdGuard &
  • Wipr

Ad Blockers For Mac


  • Both AdGurad & Wipr has outstanding features.
  • They both provide high security.
  • AdGurad is Free, and Wipr costs very low.
  • Due to the safari upgrade, many ad-blocks has stopped working. But AdGuard and Wipr are working fine.
  • Ad-block users highly recommend both AdGuard & Wipr.

To block ads and make safari easy to browse, we find loads of ad-blockers on the internet. But all of them are not up to the expectations of ad-block users.

Here, you can find all the ad-blocks that get high recommendations. These ad-blocks give you great features with fast, ad-free, and safe browsing on safari.

So if you are looking for the best Adblock for safari, you should read this post. Then, you can choose any of the Adblocks from the above as you want.

Adblock Safari Macbook Air

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