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Did you know that using your Nexus 5 can deprive you of sleep—and not just because you can't seem to quit playing that addicting game or watching Netflix videos? Recent studies have shown that exposure to blue light, particularly during night hours, can disrupt circadian rhythm and suppress the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin. Since LEDs tend to be closer to the blue end of the. Replace a damaged or broken motherboard for your LG-D820 model Google Nexus 5 with this part. This is a used, OEM part. Part #: IF293-004-1. Get all the parts and tools you need for your Android repair project in one place. We make it easy. Download Android M Nexus 5, As The Romans Did Shelton Full Pdf Download, How To Check A Downloaded File Is Safe, Chrome Youtube Download Mp4. I want to work on Access Point (AP) and Power Saving Mode (PSM) behaviour with a Nexus 5, which has a BCM4339 wireless chipset. Currently, there are 4 drivers (1 experimental) available for Broadcom.

To connect the Android smartphone with the Windows or Mac you need Android USB drivers, without these drivers you can’t connect your smartphone with the system and can’t manage the files on your desktop. These USB drivers allow you to transfer media from your PC or Mac to your Smartphone’s storage. Once the drivers are installed, you can do lots of task on your system like move data from system to phone or phone to system, browse the smartphone files on your system. If the drivers are not installed you can’t do these tasks and most of the Android smartphone users are facing the same problem on their device.

Today in this guide we share the Android USB drivers for all the latest smartphone like Nexus, LG, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Xiaomi, Moto etc. All you have to download the driver on your system and install, after that you can easily connect your android to your windows or MAC.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac


1. Google Nexus Drivers.

These drivers will work on all the Nexus device like Nexus 5, 4, 7 etc, you can download the official USB drivers here

2. Motorola USB drivers.

Include devices like the Moto X, Moto G, Moto E etc. you can download the USB drivers for both Windows and Mac here.

3. Samsung Android USB Drivers.

A complete list of drivers for all the latest Samsung smartphone like Note, Galaxy etc. Download the Samsung USB drivers here

4. LG Drivers for Windows and MAC.

Include the LG G3, LG G3, LG G Flex etc. You can download the official drivers from here.

5. Xiaomi USB drivers.

All the latest drivers for the Xiaomi Device like Redmi 1s, Mi3, Mi4, Redmi note are available here.

6. HTC USB Drivers.

Works on HTC One M8, HTC M7, HTC One Mini etc. you can download the official HTC Sync Manager Drivers, this will install the drivers on your system.

Nexus 5 Driver For Mac

7. Sony Android Drivers.

Include all the latest devices like the Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia Compact, Xperia Z2 etc. you can download the appropriate drivers for PC here or use Sony Bridge for Mac

8. Acer USB Drivers

9. Alcatel USB drivers

10. Dell USB drivers

11. Huawei USB drivers

Nexus 6 Drivers

12. Intel USB drivers

13. Lenovo USB drivers

14. Toshiba USB drivers

15. Asus USB drivers

Nexus 7 driver

16. ZTE USB drivers

17. MTK USB drivers

Nexus For Mac Torrent

Download ADB and Fasboot Drivers

Nexus 5 Driver For Macbook

If you want to root your device or want to install custom recovery on your android smartphone, then you need a ADB and Fastboot drivers. You can download the Windows Tool here to install the ADB and Fastboot drivers. For MAC User read this guide.

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