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Get MPC 1000 Loading instructions, MPC 1000 operating systems, MPC 1000 Manuals and more.
Utilities to download GN Sounds, GN Manuals, & MPC Manuals in .PDF format. Also download accelerator programs to resume large file size downloads.
Not sure how GN’s Sound Collections work? Check the GN MPC 1000 Loading Instructions and if you still have questions, feel free to contact us.
MPC 1000 Loading Instructions:
Mpc for mac

MPC Pad 187 is a full program editor for the Akai MPC1000. The application allows for easy editting of all values that are found in the Slider, Mixer, and Program modes of the MPC1000 (Pads 1, 8.

MPC-HC, short for Media Player Classic Home Cinema, by MPC-HC Team is a popular media player that is based on the well-known Media Player Classic. Even though there is no version of MPC-HC for Mac available for download, there are plenty of other feature-rich media players that can work on Mac. Hi - I accidentally deleted the MPC Essentials Install program (v1.8.2) for Mac. I initially downloaded the application when I first registered my MPK Mini mk2 but can't seem to find it to re-install it.


The Akai MPC 1000 Ram upgrade can be done in a couple ways. Either get the Akai EXM128 MPC 1000 upgrade which will work for the MPC 1000 & the MPC 2500 or get 256MB PC 133 144PIN CL3 SODIMM Laptop Ram. Hynix and Kingston is recommended. However, any type Ram will work.
The Unofficial JJ Operating System improves the MPC 1000, introduces many new features and ease of use operation over akai’s operating system. This OS is a one-time fee of $30 with free upgrades Visit the Unofficial JJ Operating System for current updates and the Unofficial JJ OS forum for info & support of this OS. You can also Purchase the JJ OS to get the password to save. The manual is included with instructions on how to load the OS and use it. Feature list included.

NOTE: Download the GN Background image for this new OS. Just copy the mpc1000.bmp to the compact flash card and it will become your bootup pic!


MPC 1000 Operating System 2.10

MPC 1000 OS 2.10 – MPC 1000 Operating System 2.10
How to update the MPC1000 Operating System
MPC1000 Operating System 2.10: MPC1000 OS Release Notes:
MPC 1000 Version 2 Operators Manual & the MPC 1000 Version 2 Quickstart Manual.
V2 Operators Manual: V2 QuickStart:

MPC 1000 Operating System 1.07

MPC 1000 OS 1.07 – MPC1000 Operating System 1.07
MPC 1000 Operating System 1.07:
MPC 1000 Operators Manual & the MPC1000 Quickstart Manual.
Operators Manual (903kb): QuickStart (103kb):

Bass Vol.1&2 Documentation

Get the patch names and starting note numbers per pad bank associated with the Bass Samples.
Bass Samples Vol.1Bass Samples Vol.2
Get the patch names and starting note numbers per pad bank associated with the Hip Hop Guitar Samples.
Hip Hop Guitar Samples Vol.1Hip Hop Guitar Samples Vol.2

String Samples Vol.1&2 Documentation

Get the patch names and starting note numbers per pad bank associated with the String Samples.
String Samples Vol.1String Samples Vol.2
Get the patch names and starting note numbers per pad bank associated with the Horn Samples.
Horn Samples Vol.1Horn Samples Vol.2

Utilities – Get Current Utilities and Downloads

Winzip 9.0 – You’ll need Winzip to open all compressed files & docs for a PC. Get Winzip (2.3Mb):

Aladdin Stuffit Expander 8.5 – You’ll need Stuffit to open all compressed files & documentation for a MAC. Stuffit Expander will also open .zip files from PC. Get Stuffit (11.7Mb ):

Adober Acrobat Reader 6.0 – You’ll need Acrobat Reader to view all GN & Triton Manuals. PC (420kb) MAC (972kb)

GetRight & Download Accelerator – For Dial-Up Users, we recommend using GetRight or Download Accelerator to resume large file size downloads.
More info on Download Accelerator HERE.
More info on Get Right HERE.

Download GetRight 5.10 (2.9Mb): Get D/L Accelerator 7.1 (2.7Mb):

MPC Software applications let you build MPC format programs on your computer, plus often include other useful features for the MPC beat maker. Below are a list of the best MPC software applications out there – no affiliation to me, just a list of apps you might want to check out.

Free MPC Software

Blue Box – PC only. Creates MPC1000/500/5000/2500 programs, plus AKP import.

MPC Maid – Free, cross platform program creator for MPC1000/500/2500/500 program format only.

Pad 187 – Free, Mac only. Similar to BlueBox, creates MPC1000/500/2500/5000 format programs.

Mpc Software For Mac

2KXL – Free, Mac & PC. Creates XL format PGM files, which also work in newer MPCs. Requires Adobe Air.

Commercial Software

Akai’s MPC Software – The software that hooks up with the MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio.

RS-16X – Mac only. Drum machine/sequencer with MPC2000/3000 PGM import/export

Mpc Machine For Cheap

mpcPGMmaker – Original version of RS-16x, no longer supported, but accepts RS-16x serials.Appears to be no longer available for download

MPC Editor – PC only, free version has limited features. Creates programs that work in all MPCs.

Mpc Studio Black Software

REX2MPC – Mac only, trial available. Converts Recycle files into MPC programs. ‘Lite’ version available.

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