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  1. Coming Soon: MindMaple for Mac (Beta) on 9/6. Sep4 by toribunte. Our beta version of MindMaple for Mac will be available for download on Friday 9/6, packed full of the features you love from our Windows and iPad apps. With a beautiful, clean user interface, you’ll.
  2. MindMaple is a greater functionality application which supports online collaboration. It revolutionizes the way people think and let brainstorm more professional. The UI of MindMaple is breezy which engages users. Furthermore, a task management feature is the bright spot for MindMaple.

If you are looking for some best mind mapping software online, the reasons are obvious as mind mapping lets you organize your thoughts in a much expressive way. Mind Mapping is the modern science of understanding and learning the connection between the human brain structure and its functions associated with its working. In plain words, it relates the brain functions with its structure. From our day to day activities like picking up a glass of water, scientists are engaged in research activities to understand the neural activities of our brain and improving them.

In a normal sense, it is the way to organize information or data by drawing maps and other structures.

Mindmaple For Mac

In the information technology, we refer to a brain mapping software to be the one used for effortless note taking and easily understandable relations between various pieces of information. It improves many skills including communication and collaboration.

MindMapleが ビジネスパートナーを 募集しています MindMapleは日本でのビジネス パートナー様を募集しています。 ご興味の方は [email protected]まで ご連絡下さい。. MindMaple Pro is a $9.99/ year commercial edition with extra features: more themes, clipart, backgrounds, password protection, smarter Office and PDF export, and so on. It's available for Windows, Mac and iOS. Verdict: MindMaple Lite has some oddities, quirks and bugs (it didn't recognise PowerPoint was installed on our system).

There are many tools available in the market for brain mapping. Most of the mind mapping software is available for free on android or other platforms like Mac.

Applications of Brain Mapping Software

  • Project Managers for sharing the creative ideas with each member of the team
  • Students can learn better from visual diagrams rather than linear notes.
  • Financial planners for planning and forecasting revenues
  • Event managers for organizing the events in a planned way.
  • Human resources can use it for structuring the manpower requirements
  • CEOs can prepare dynamic and fool proof business plans
  • Sales and Marketing teams can forecast and share promotion, funnel reports and sales forecsts.
  • Bloggers can plan an article with the main topic at a center and create nodes and subnodes.

Six Best Mind Mapping Software worth Trying

It is one of the popular brainstorming and brain mapping tools being used by project managers and academia. XMind helps in capturing ideas and constructs self-organized paths and charts. Till now, it has been awarded four number of times for its excellence in various categories. XMind is a flexible tool which can be integrated with other applications like Evernote or your own productivity software. This mind map software has all the professional features required to increase efficiency at workplace.

Key Features

  • The latest XMind 8 comes with a new look and a user-friendly interface with one click switching of views.
  • Mind mapping is all about visual expression. Embellish your maps with new 108 number of clip arts.
  • You can save your precious time by using amazing readymade templates to create beautiful mind maps.
  • Export your mind map to multiple formats that include PDF, excel, word, PowerPoint, HTML, GIF, PNG, JPEG, plain text and much more.
  • XMind 8 comes with a versatile toolbox, much needed for office collaboration. Some of the tools include to-do-list, relationships, summary, notes, label, marker, comments, information cards, callout, and boundary.
  • Customize your mind mapping with advanced theme editor and open sourced fonts.
  • Manny business tools like organization chart, Gantt charts, timeline, fishbone charts, and matrix are available.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Android, and Mac


Free Plus ($79) Pro ($99)


The information that you want to share with colleagues or friends might not always be in a simple form. Coggle is a mind mapping tool that allows you to share this complex information in a simple and clear form. Mind mapping with Coggle is not available as an Android or Mac app but instead it is an online web application. You need to sign up and then use this software in the web browser. Coggle offers planning, brainstorming or note taking in visual maps that are updated instantly online and ensures quick collaboration with friends and colleagues.

Key Features

  • Fast updates ensure real-time collaboration to work on maps or diagrams simultaneously.
  • Every time you change a diagram, it gets automatically saved and you can revert back to any point of change with a single click.
  • You can easily drag and drop any number of images from your system to the working map.
  • Make your maps more revealing by using annotations of text and images.
  • Unlike other brain mapping software, Coggle allows you to create more than one central points for mapping related nodes.
  • Loops and branches in Coggle provide more flexibility and power to the diagrams.
  • Provision of Active Directory authentication at enterprise level solutions.

Supported platforms


Web Browser

Download Mindmaple For Mac


Free Awesome ($5/month) Organisation ($8/month)

Chris founded the iMindMap in collaboration with the inventor of mind mapping technique, Tony Buzan. Started in the early nineties, iMindMap has already become popular in educational institutions and organizations. This mind mapping software is being used by over two hundred and fifty million users worldwide and helping them in their presentations, project planning, studying and much more.

Key Features

  • With fast capture, you can quickly input your raw ideas in maps without any formatting issues.
  • iMindMap’s Brainstorm view lets you pin your ideas directly on to canvas without needing any structures and create mind maps instantly.
  • Unlike traditional mind map views, iMindMap comes with thought provoking features like branch drawing tool, flow-charts, pop-up edit menu, images and icons, multi-maps and much more.
  • To excel in competition, you can create professional presentations with presentation view that include innovative tools like the 3D view, templates, export to youtube and powerpoint, kiosk mode, built-in backgrounds, sync with other views and dual view.
  • Available in the iMindMap ultimate edition, time-map view allows you to create a fresh view or you can switch your ideas from other views along the interactive timeline.
  • With iMindMap integration, you can save and share on popular storage spaces like google drive, Dropbox, Evernote, iMindMap cloud and much more.
  • To let you organize your work in a better way, side panel feature helps you to categorize your thoughts. Search filters, tags, drag and drop, flow-charts are some of the side panel components.

Supported platforms

Windows, Android, Mac


Home & Student ($100) Ultimate ($235) Ultimate+ (310)

This mind mapping software comes in two versions. Mindmapping Pen is designed for users who want to utilize the features of the advanced pen of Microsoft surface pro 3.0 and later. The other version is a classic version that you can use on windows, Android or Mac devices. MindMaple is the best tool for note taking, presentations and meetings, project planning, travel plans and managing complex finances.

Key Features

  • You can move the topics and subtopics anywhere in the map unlike other mind mapping tools online which allow only fixed positions in maps.
  • In Mindmaple, you can manage and integrate tasks or other attachments directly on maps.
  • Additional tools allow you to add relationships and hyperlinks on the mind maps.
  • Decorate and design your maps with clip art, colors, images and styles.
  • You can import the maps from from other mind mapping software like mindjet or freemind. Mindmaple also supports TXT files.
  • With Mindmaple, you can export maps to multiple types of formats like PPT, HTML, DOC, XLSX, and image formats.

Mindmaple For Macbook Pro

Supported Platforms

Windows, iOS, Mac OS.


Windows ($49) iOS (free) Mac (free)

Right from brainstorming to mind maps to real time collaboration, Mindomo is the best visual solution for your ideas and organizing work. Mindomo has been developed in order to streamline the working of teachers and students. Apart from the instant access to students’ assignments, Mindomo maps can easily integrated to google apps, office 365 and many learning management systems like Canvas, Moodle, itslearning, etc.

Key features

  • Presentation mode in maps helps students to share their ideas through professional slides.
  • Mindomo provides a simple and user friendly interface on its android and iOS apps. You can use these native apps in both online as well as offline mode.
  • Playback mode helps to record and track all the previous actions or changes done by students on the maps.
  • Students can search for any relevant image online directly from the maps with image search feature.
  • You can create your own videos or record related audios and embed them into maps to make your thoughts more clear.
  • Students can start mind mapping without any professional training with the help of in-built templates.

Supported Platforms

Mindmaple For Mac Os

Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac


Free Premium ($36 / six months Professional ($90/six months) Team ($142/six months)

With a strong prominence on folding, this tool is basically used for management of content and information. Freemind is an open source mind mapping tool built in Java and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It has a wide variety of features, including location-based mind mapping, collaboration tools, restore session support and more. It is generally used to keep a track of data.

Key Features

  • Freemind mapping software supports hyper links and local file linking in all its nodes and subnodes.
  • Simple user interface with one click operation.
  • Option to undo an unlimited number of times.
  • You can drag and drop files and text directly to the map with smart drag’n drop feature.
  • Many designing tools are available in the form of colors, fonts, and icons to beautify the nodes.
  • Freemind maps can be easily switched to other mind mapping apps since it is stored in XML format.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Linux



Present your Thoughts with Best Mind Map Software now

Mind maps depict the more clear view with the visual presentation of your ideas. It even helps you to find loopholes in your concept before finalizing it. Stop wasting your time in filling papers with diagrams and give a try to some of these six mind mapping software reviewed in this article.

Mind Maps Classic


MindMaple for iPad and iPhone are now fully compatible to iOS 7 system. The latest update patches some minor bugs such as trouble with foreign language input or unexpected app termination. Users who are experiencing such technical difficulties should download the latest MindMaple version 1.31 for iPad and iPhone through iTunes!

As always, MindMaple team strives to provide our users a great mind mapping experience. If any technical support is needed or you have suggestion toward the product, don’t hesitate to share with us. Your voice matters and we are listening!

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