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Lately I’m very obsessed with MAC Cosmetics and a friend who knows me well gave me a few Christmas presents. So I received a new lipstick and lip pencil from MAC and I was so excited to try them out! Thankyou santa :)!

  1. Mac D For Danger On Dark Skin
  2. Mac D For Danger On Indian Skin
  3. Mac D For Danger Lipstick On Indian Skin
  4. Mac Lipstick D Is For Danger

Sep 30, 2020 MAC Matte Lipstick in Lady Danger Lady Danger is the perfect opaque bright coral red MAC lipstick for golden toned olive skin. The shade is matte, so the red is bright and eye-catching, perfectly juxtaposed against olive skin for a ‘pow’ that you want. Mac the Fork is an asp snake of Scottish descend and a villain on the original Danger Mouse. He has been known to associate himself with Dudley Poyson a somewhat loony but just as diabolical chemist. His voice was provided by Brian Trueman Mac the Fork was born into Clan McReptile and spent his upbringing in Scotland, along side his brother Mac the Spoon, where he was commonly referred to as.


Today I will review the lipstick D for Danger and the lip pencil Beet.

MAC D for Danger from The Matte Lip Collection of MAC Cosmetics is a dark berry lipstick with a matte finish. I really love the colour, I already own many red lipsticks in different shades but I didn’t own this colour in my collection yet. It’s the perfect fall and winter red, the berry undertone makes it look really chique.

Mac D For Danger On Dark Skin

The lipstick costs €19,50 and is available in MAC Cosmetics shops and counters. You can also order it online at

MAC Beet from MAC Cosmetics is the sugar to the coffee of D for Danger. It has the same dark berry colour. The lip pencil has a soft and smooth yet not brittle texture and spreads easily on the lips. It has overall a great pigmentation, one swip is just enough.

The lip pencil costs €15,50.

Mac D For Danger On Indian Skin


Mac D For Danger Lipstick On Indian Skin

These are the swatches. It’s very pigmentated and beautifully matte.
D for Danger and Beet are a match made in heaven! The colours are exactly the same.

Mac Lipstick D Is For Danger

I’m so happy with my gifts! I really like the formula of the lipstick and lip pencil. It’s matte which makes it lasts for a long time, it can last up to 5-6 hours depending on what you eat or drink. Since you can build up the color, or leave a wash of colour on the lips, it’ll leave a stain .
It is not dry nor hydrating, it’s perfect!

Loves, Felicia

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