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Get the Assistant If the Recovery Disk Assistant isn’t already in your Applications/Utilities folder. Support for Mac OS X. Works with OS X 10.7 and later. Comprehensive wiping. Wipe exactly what you need – hard disks/separate partitions (primary, extended, logical). Ten different disk sanitization algorithms support.

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My problem is bit complicated, I will try explain this simple as possible.
It started because disk drive random eject, detail on this thread:
Now one of my partition didn't mount. I try to fix this using disk utility -repair disk function- and disk warrior, both not succeed. Then I want to try repair it using Ubuntu live cd, but before that, some tutorial that I found in someone blog says I must disable journaling. It success at other 2 partition but the one that I need to repair wasn't return any dialog after about 2 minutes, that made me close Terminal. Disk1s2 is the problem.
My assumption after some googling, my partition table is messed up and need repairing. I found enlightenment when found tesdisk . Summaries from what I read there, I should able repair it after run test disk to analyze then using pdisk function in terminal to restore or fix the partition.
What is this mean CHS and LBA didn't match? I assume this value is needed to be repaired.
From the explanation on that site, 'use pdisk to recreate the Mac partition map using the values given by TestDisk.' Then I realized my partition scheme isn't Apple Partition Map. Refer to image screenshoot #1 it written Fdisk partitonscheme or better known as MBR. Pdisk only support APM, and so far tutorial I found only write about pdisk:
CMIIW but fdisk -e, edit function probably able to insert this new values on MBR. I just don't know how to do this.
So is there anyone in that able for *helping me to understand how I could edit this value using fdisk -e?* Please don't refer me to man8/fdisk.8.html . I've read that and still confused.
If possible using step by step explanation, similar with perrohunter pdisk. I'm not really expert with CLI.
Re-format the disk is not solution.
As for now my external drive condition is:
1. Random eject still occur.
2. One partition didn't mount.
3. Diskutil failed to disable journaling. Thus make worrying if fdisk also unable to do the job. But at least I want to give a try.
4. Slow write/read speed even on detected partition.
Mac Fdisk For Os X

Mac Fdisk For Os X 10.10

Mac fdisk for os x 10.10

iMac 7,1 2.0 GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.6)

Mac Fdisk For Os X64


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