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Mac© Provided by The Blast Michael Strahan looks amazing in poached suit with grey tie.

Fans have been going crazy since ABC suspended a popular show that features Michael, Sara and Keke. The afternoon talk show is also anchored by the trio and there they speak about series of events happening in the world.

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On several shows now; the ones that ah e not yet shut down, everyone is speaking about one thing only, which is the pandemic that has struck some parts of the world recently. Ivy he virus, which is known as Coronavirus or Covid-19 has caused a lot of organizations and businesses to remain shut indefinitely.

Related:© Gettyimages Frazer Harrison Keke Palmer looks incredible in this black shimmery dress as she poses for the camera at an event. Keke for mac wallpaper

ABC shocked everyone when they disclosed that they would have to suspend the show hosted by Strahan, Sara and Keke to air a show that will focus majorly on the pandemic that has hit the world. The new show will be hosted by Amy Robach and there, she will speak about several events that has been taking place since the pandemic went viral.

More people are getting concerned about the spread of the virus and the records of death tolls in different parts of the world.

© Gettyimages Spencer Platt A photo of ABC Network’s logo on a coin.

ABC also announced that from Wednesday, the show will be tagged “Pandemic: What You Need To Know.” Aside from Robach who will host the show, Jennifer Aniston will also offer some advice and guidance on the issue.

The suspension of the show really put fans in an awkward position as they had no idea what to expect. However, ABC announced that the suspension will not last for too long as the show will be back on in no time. While we expect the show back, find out what some of the hosts have been up to lately.

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Although a lot of people have been confined to their homes since the pandemic began, that does not mean that they cannot have a taste of fun via a show online. Recently, fans have witnessed blossoming love on Quibi and the network recently released an official trailer. In it, fans could see that the dating show will be hosted by the famous Keke Palmer and Joel Kim Booster.

This MTV produced show will aim at bringing people out of the single world into the relationship turned on status.

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© Gettyimages Rich Fury Michael Strahan looks incredible in this photo as he shows off his thumbs while posing for the camera.

Keke Machakos

While Keke Palmer is being a wonderful host, Michael Strahan is doing something else entirely.

The former professional footballer has been in the news lately regarding his custody battle with his ex-wife, for his twin children, Sophia and Isabella. Strahan may put up a brave front when he is hosting a show, but that does not mean that he is not stressed about the prolonged court proceedings.

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Strahan accuses his ex-wife of physically and verbally abusing his kids and wants sole custody of them by all means.

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