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Jabber is a unified communications application for Windows, Mac OS X, and mobile devices. Jabber provides instant messaging (IM or chat), presence (the ability to see if someone is available), video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing capabilities. It also has WebEx integration, which allows you to launch online meetings directly. You can download the program from our software site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jabber client with built-in automatic encryption system for Mac OS will help protecting your personal information from third parties, encrypt correspondence history, and help transfer files safely for both internal and third-party services. System Requirements: OS X 10.6 or later, MacGPG (GPG Suite). If your university-owned PC does not have the Software Center application, contact your departmental IT technician or the IT Service Desk to enroll in our PC Management service. Personally owned PC. Jabber for Windows Download (link opens to a Cisco webpage) Mac OS. University owned MAC: Download from Self Service. Just wanted to add a 'me too'. I've got a user with an iMac running OS X10.12.5 and Jabber for Mac 11.8.1 and a Sennheiser C60 headset. Setting audio volume and changing ringtones provides audio output, Jabber is set to use all devices for alerts, but incoming calls produce no audible alert.

See below for everything you need to know about Jabber. If you still have questions, please contact your service desk.

How do I get Jabber?

Download and install the appropriate client from the OIT software catalog. Log in using the username [email protected]. The configuration file will download. You will be prompted to enter your Userid (NetID) and password. Another window will prompt you to log into WebEx.

If you do not have administrative rights to your computer, contact your local desktop support team to perform the installation for you.

Students do not currently have access to download the software. They will have to have a staff member, faculty member, or affiliate download it for them.

Who is eligible to use Jabber at Duke?

Any user with an active NetID is eligible to gain access to Jabber. If you are unable to log in to Jabber, you may need to request a Cisco Jabber account. If the student or affiliate is not able to make the request, a staff or faculty member will have to make it on their behalf.

Is there documentation for Jabber?

Yes. The following Jabber end user guides are available:

How do I get Jabber on my mobile device?

For iPhone and iPad, visit the App Store and download Jabber. For Android, download and install the Jabber app from Google Play.

Is there any cost associated with a Jabber account?

No. However, if you require a new Duke phone number to associate with your account, charges will apply for that number.

Are all Jabber features included in my account?

Not right away; by default, all accounts have basic IM (encrypted chat) and presence (the ability to see if someone is available) capabilities.

How do I get all the advanced features?

To enable the advanced voice, video and WebEx features, submit a request to your service desk (you can ask for it to be assigned to the group 'Telecom-Voice-OIT.' You will need to provide a Duke phone number to associate with your NetID. If you want to use Jabber on a mobile device, provide details about that device in your request. Your request may take 2-3 days to be fulfilled.

What if I don't have a Duke phone number associated with my account?

If you don’t have an existing Duke number to associate with your account, you will need to request a new number and provide a cost center when you submit your request. Normal line charges will apply.

Jabber for mac os 10.10

Will Jabber work the same on different platforms and devices?

Many Jabber features work across platforms. However, the Mac client does not integrate with Microsoft Office, which allows Windows users to see presence, make calls, and initiate chats directly from Outlook.

Does Jabber work from any network connection?

Yes. Some locations on the Health System network may require VPN connectivity to register and work properly. OIT and DHTS are currently working together to identify and resolve any routing issues that may force some users to use VPN connectivity. Known issues include Jabber's failure to register, and one-way audio on voice calls between Jabber and other voice endpoints.

Does Jabber work on a Virtual Machine (VM)?

Jabber For Mac OsJabber For Mac Os

Yes. In order for Cisco Jabber to register the VM, 'Networking' must be set to 'Bridged.' Cisco Jabber does not work when the VM network is set to 'NAT.' If you have questions, please contact your service desk.

Can I import contacts from Outlook or other address books?

Yes. Refer to your address book client’s documentation about how to export contacts. Follow the Cisco Jabber documentation on how to import.

The phone number associated with my Jabber in incorrect. How do I correct it?

Directory listing information from Duke’s Active Directory is synced nightly with Jabber. If your telephone number is incorrect, please submit a request to your service desk.

When I use Jabber to place phone calls, should I use a headset?

Yes, in order to experience the best sound quality and minimize interference, we recommend you use a headset, especially if it is connected to your Jabber device via Bluetooth.

Can I connect to users at other universities via Jabber?

Yes, if the user is using an XMPP client you can connect to them. Simply connect to the user’s email address (e.g. [email protected], [email protected]). If you have questions, please contact your service desk.

Jabber automatically answers my phone even though I haven't accepted the call. How can I disable this?

Automatic answering is actually not a Jabber setting, but a setting on your phone line. Submit a request to the Service Desk via [email protected] for automatic answering to be removed from your line.

I have multiple Bluetooth devices paired with my Jabber device. How do I set my preference?

For Windows: In the Jabber client, select File > Options > Audio. Click to select your preferred device. To list your audio devices in order of preference, click Advanced.

For Mac: Select Jabber > Preferences > Audio/Video. After the device is recognized, select the desired device from the list.

Some of my Jabber features don't seem to be working right. How can I troubleshoot?

You can check the connection status for many of Jabber’s features.

For Windows: In the client, select the Menu icon, then Help > Showconnection status.

For Mac:SelectHelp > Show Connection Status. The server connection status window opens.

Jabber For Mac Os 10.10

  • Connected—Feature is enabled and connected properly
  • Connecting—Feature is making a connection attempt
  • Disconnected—Feature is enabled but is not connected. You may not be connected to the network, or a server may be down.
  • Error—Feature is not currently enabled or connected. You may have entered an incorrect password. Try logging off and logging in again.
  • Unknown—Feature status is unknown; contact your Service Desk to verify your account settings.

When I make a call via Jabber between the University and Medical Center, we can't hear each other. How can we remedy this?

There is a known issue with call routing between the Medical Center and University networks that could cause one-way audio. To address this, you can use a VPN connection. DHTS and OIT are working to address the issue.

Can I use Jabber in a Duke call center with multiple lines?

No. Jabber only supports one phone line at this time. Call Center agents may use Jabber IM/presence on a personal line, if available.

Can Jabber communicate with Cisco telepresence (aka Movi?)

Yes. Jabber will actually replace the Movi telepresence video client soon. You can call all of the telepresence units at Duke and beyond from your Jabber client. If you cannot reach a location, submit a request to your Service Desk. Provide the IP address and DNS name for the telepresence location you wish to reach.

Jabber Client For Mac Os

How do I get updates for Jabber?

If you are on the Health System network and do not have administrative rights to your device or computer, DHTS will push out the new clients when they become available. For additional help for Health System users, please contact the Duke Medicine Service Desk at (919) 684-2243, or from [email protected], click Self Service > Service Request Catalog. Then, from the Service Request Catalog selectCreate a New Request.

Can I change my display name or contact picture?

At the moment it is not possible to make changes to the display name or the profile picture. It is currently pulling from an LDAP attribute which we cannot make changes to due to Duke's policies.

Can I use an IM client other than the Cisco Jabber client with the Cisco Instant Messaging platform?

For users who are not interested in all of the Unified Communications features of Cisco Jabber, or users of an Operating System that is not supported for the Cisco Jabber client, you can still log in to the Cisco IM servers for basic XMPP chat. Necessary configuration information follows:

Connect Server: You should not have to enter server information into a true XMPP IM client such as Pidgen, Adium, or other. The client will use SRV record _xmpp-client._tcp.duke.edu to resolve the Cisco IM and Presence servers. If this fails for whatever reason you could manually enter one of the following addresses:

  • fitz-cups-01.oit.duke.edu
  • nb-cups-01.oit.duke.edu
Jabber For Mac Os

Protocol: XMPP

Jabber Server Mac Os X

Port: 22

Transfer Proxies: Default

Require SSL/TLS is preferred although not necessary

Jabber ID: [email protected], or for some clients just NetID

Jabber For Mac Os High Sierra

Domain: duke.edu

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