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If you people are searching for the iOS emulators exclusively developed for non-iPhone users, then you are at the right place. Here we list 10 Best iPhone emulators that are compatible for PC, Mac and Android. If the PC or Android users want to run the applications which are developed for iPhone, then they can use these emulators to accomplish the task. These emulators are very popular among the users. For your convenience, we will divide this blog in to four main parts:

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You can have a look on the features and drawbacks of each emulator one by one in this list. Every emulator has an edge over one another and they are sorted as per their compatibility with Windows, Mac or Android based Operating System (OS). let’s get started with all the emulators one by one:

Top 3 iOS Emulators for Windlows PC

Many people, especially who don’t have an iPhone or iPad, are now searching for the iPhone emulators which are compatible with their Windows PC. These emulators have the ability to run iOS applications on the PC so that the users can enjoy those iOS games available only on the App Store without any iPhone. Not only the gaming applications, but you can also install and use other iOS applications on your PC as well.

  • iPadian: This is probably the best iPhone emulator which lets you to run your favorite iOS apps on the PC without any problem. Besides the Window OS, it is also compatible with Linux and Mac Operating System. This will ultimately provides you a better gaming experience if you just want to play iOS games on your PC. Other iOS applications too can be run by this emulator hassle free. iPadian has very good reviews by its users for its great compability and maginificent user interface.
  • Mobi One Studio: Built with so many fantastic features, this emulator would improve the overall gaming experience if you compare this with iPadian emulator. Majority of the developers used this emulator to test the compatibility of different applications on different platforms. In the initial stages, it would take some time to run but soon after regular use, this would run very smoothly and give you some fruitful results. Though it worked efficiently, its developers discontinued this iOS emulator in 2015. The basic features still can be operate in general use by the users, but all the cloud based functions including buliding an iOS app won’t be available any more.
  • Adobe Air iPhone Emulator: This emulator will unlock a whole new world of features which are just incredible. Apart from running iOS applications and playing games, this emulator allows you to make and receive calls. But one limitation of this emulator is that it is not fully accurate for functioning. Simply, the user-interface is not up to the mark and its operation would be a little annoying. But overall, it is a good choice for you to enjoy iPhone apps on a Windows PC.

3 Popular Online iPhone Emulators

These types of iPhone emulators are used to test and observe the behavior of a particular website or application on how they run on iOS. These tests are usually run online by developers regardless of what platform they use:

  • Transmog.Net: This emulator comes very first in the list when you search for the best online iPhone emulators available for free. By the use of this emulator, developers can test the website in different screen sizes and can alter the website settings accordingly. This ultimately help them to design a website which are compatible for both iOS and Android operating system. Yet the simulated iPhone model available on this emulator is just iPhone 5.
  • iPhone4Simulator.com: This is another type of emulator which is available for free. Frankly speaking, this emulator is not so popular among the users but it can compete with others when it comes to functioning and features it offers. As the name suggests, this emulator is designed to observe the behavior of a particular website on the iPhone 4 (and now iPhone 5c). A website should be compatible with all smartphones including iPhone, that’s why this emulator has importance in testing purpose.
  • Screen Fly: This emulator is used to test the website compatibility with iOS from the iPhone 3 to iPad Pro. This will give real-time results and web designers can change their web design as per the requirements.

Nintendo emulators have been in the market for a while and they seem to get better with time. These emulators bring back your favorite childhood Nintendo video games right to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. You can now relive your favorite games without having to look for the classic Nintendo consoles. To play Nintendo games. The ability to check web apps by accessing Safari inside Xcode is what gives Safari an advantage over other free iPhone emulators. Pricing plans: Free. Testflight is used by developers for beta testing their coded iOS apps using Xamarin.

Iphone Emulator For Mac

3 Best iPhone Emulators Developed for Mac

Best iphone emulator for mac

Iphone X Emulator For Mac

Iphone emulator for mac os x

As we all know that Android users are the majority in the world of smartphone, therefore there are very limited iPhone emulators available for Mac. You can have a look on the top three of them below:

  • App.io: This emulator can be considered as the best emulator to test the iOS applications on Mac. All you need to do is just upload the iOS application on this emulator and get started with it on any device. It is compatible with PC/Mac/Android. This is ultimately very easy to use and can provide you some fruitful results.
  • Appetize.io: This is another online iPhone emulator frequently used by web designers and app developers. To use this emulator, just upload the iOS application to the Cloud and from there, you can test that application or observe the website compatibility on Mac.
  • Xamarin Testflight: This emulator is for the developers who wants to test their applications and websites in an official manner on Mac. Xamarin Testflight emulator has a tie up with Apple and anyone can use it for free. This will surely deliver some accurate and positive results to you for sure.

iPhone Emulator Developed for Android

Ios Emulator For Mac Os

Though the Android OS and iOS are the main competitors to each other in the market, there are some simulator for people to run iOS apps on their Android phones. Among them, the famous one are Appetize.io and Xamarin Testflight, which we’ve mentioned above, as well as an old yet popular one, iEMU. All the iOS applications could be tested on Android devices by using this iPhone emulator.

  • iEMU: This is the only iPhone emulator compatible in Android phones. This iPhone emulator could be used to run iOS apps on the Android phone. Sadly, like its counterpart Cider, it has been discontinued by its developers as well.


Emulators are widely used by software developers for testing applications on variety of operating systems and platforms. iPhone emulators are also built for that purpose, as well as offer the suitable gaming environment for general users. These above-listed iPhone emulators are top best and used by millions of users. Just in case, if you encounter any problem, then please let us know in the comments section so that we can resolve that problem as soon as we see that.

Iphone Emulator For Windows Free

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Best Ios Emulator For Mac

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