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These patches update an existing Groove Agent 4 installation to the latest version.

Free download Groove Agent Groove Agent for Mac OS X. Groove Agent - This application combines three specialist instruments for creating dynamic drums, dancefloor-filling beats and sizzling percussive grooves in almost any genre. Installation of Groove Agent ONE on Cubase 8. Download Groove Agent One for Mac and extract it. Posted in Ableton Free Templates Ableton Live Bitwig Cubase Pro Free Plugins Free Samples Free Templates Logic Pro X Logic Pro X Free Templates News Studio One free tutorials Test before buy.

  1. Cubase’s Groove Agent SE4 isn’t the most intuitive drum machine, but it’s well worth getting to grips with. Cubase’s Groove Agent SE4, bundled with version 8.0 onwards, is something of a hidden gem. It’s a virtual drummer along the lines of BFD, EZ Drummer and so on, with loads of good.
  2. However, with Groove Agent 4, Steinberg seem to be on a bit of a mission to bring these kinds of tools together. Indeed, in Groove Agent 4, we get three different drum tools; Acoustic Agent, Beat Agent and Percussion Agent, and Steinberg’s tag-line for GA4 is ‘ultimate drum studio’.
  3. One of the most detailed acoustic drum kits ever featured in Groove Agent sits alongside a wide variety of percussion, modern electronic drums and MIDI grooves, delivering an inspirational rhythmic composition tool for producers in every genre, from jazz, funk and rock to Trap and EDM.
March 8, 2018
Mac OS X 10.9 · 10.10 · 10.11 · macOS 10.12 · 10.13* · 10.14*
July 13, 2017
Windows 7 · Windows 8 · Windows 8.1 · Windows 10
Groove Agent 4.2.50 Update · 1.3 GB
*VST and stand-alone only. AU version is not stable.
Groove Agent 4.2.40 Update · 1.2 GB

Groove Agent 4 - Complete Installation

The full installer available here allows for a new installation of Groove Agent 4.2. No previous installations are required.

Groove Agent Manual

A valid Groove Agent 4 license is required to use the installation!

Mac OS X


Mac OS X 10.8 · 10.9 . 10.10 · 10.11 · 10.12Windows 7 · Windows 8 · Windows 8.1 · Windows 10
Groove Agent 4.2.0 · Full Version · Mac OS X · 32/64-Bit
Download · 7.0 GB
Groove Agent 4.2.0 · Full Version · Windows · 32/64-Bit
Download · 7.0 GB

Groove Agent 4 Documentation

Deutsch · English · Francais · Japanese
Download Manual · PDF · 7.3 MB
Groove Agent 4 Patch List · PDF · 363 KB

Groove Agent Update

  • Updates Groove Agent 3.0 to version
  • Officially compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Requires an already installed Groove Agent 3 version on your computer!*
  • For details about improved features and fixed issues please read the Version History (PDF).

* Mac OS X 10.6 users please note: If you are installing Groove Agent 3 on Mac OS X 10.6 for the first time please first use the Full Installer for OS X below. Insert your Groove Agent 3 installation disc, then start the installation of the Full Installer. When the installation was completed successfully please also use the Update for OS X to patch Groove Agent 3 to the current version.

If you already had Groove Agent 3 installed on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) then please only use the Update for OS X below. This will patch the existing installation for use in Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Groove Agent For Mac

Mac OS X


Mac OS X 10.4 · Mac OS X 10.5 · Mac OS X 10.6Windows XP · Windows Vista · Windows 7
Download · March 9th 2010
Groove Agent Update Mac
Download - 36 MB
Groove Agent Full Installer Mac
Download - 28 MB
Download · February 12th 2008
Groove Agent Update PC
Download - 22 MB

Groove Agent 5 Mac

Deutsch · English · Francais
Download Groove Agent 3 Handbuch - PDF - 4 MB

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