Gigabyte For Mac Os X

Gigabyte For Mac Os X

This tutorial shows how to install 32bit OS X 10.6.3 on a Gigabyte GA P35-DS3P main board and update to OS X 10.6.7 with Pentium D processor (Pentium D processor and NVIDIA 7200GS are the reason why installation should be 32 bit and not 64 bit (owners of dual core or quad core processor and NVIDIA 8xxx cards or later can follow this tutorial and install it with legacy 64 bit vanilla kernel))

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  2. This tutorial shows how to install 32bit OS X 10.6.3 on a Gigabyte GA P35-DS3P main board and update to OS X 10.6.7 with Pentium D processor (Pentium D processor and NVIDIA 7200GS are the reason why installation should be 32 bit and not 64 bit (owners of dual core or quad core processor and NVIDIA 8xxx cards or later can follow this tutorial and install it with legacy 64 bit vanilla kernel)).
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  4. Jan 22, 2012 To run Mac OS X on an AMD Hackintosh, you need a legacy kernel, which is a modified version of the vanilla kernel that works with AMD processors. Legacy kernels are version-specific; every version of Mac OS X has its own legacy kernel. For example, the legacy kernel for Mac OS X 10.6.7 won't work on Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Motherboard support in OS X is the biggest hurdle in setting up your system. If you're going with Core i5 and Core i7, Gigabyte's recent X58A line of boards like the X58A-UD5, have complete.

Gigabyte motherboard drivers for mac os x

method:DVD iAtkos s3 ver2 10.6.3
Files needed:
iAtkos s3 ver2 10.6.3 iso image (search torrents) – and burn on DVD
OS X 10.6.7 Combo Update
Computer Specifications:
MOBO: Gigabyte GA P35-DS3P
MOBO Integrated Sound: Realtek ALC889A (works with voodoo HDA)
MOBO Integrated Network: Realtek 8111B chip (works OOB)
CPU: PENTIUM D 930 SL88S 3GHz (works with 32 bit qoopz kernel)
Graphic Card: NVIDIA 7200GS 256MB (works after editing file, 32 bit only, not supported by Mountain Lion 10.8 which is 64bit only! )
HDD: Seagate 80GB SATA
DVD±RW: SONY OPTIARC AD-7260S, 24x, SATA, Dual layer
RAM: 2 x 1GB Kingston
USB Mouse
USB Keyboard
Monitor should be conected via DVI, not D SUB, must use SATA HDD AND SATA DVD (not ATA), Mouse and Keyboard should be connected via USB…

This tutorial is for educational purposes only. You, of course, assume all responsibility for choosing to follow this tutorial. Also, OS X EULA states that you can run Snow Leopard on Apple labeled hardware only.

On start, press delete to load bios, choose “LOAD OPTIMIZED DEFAULTS” and than change your settings like on pics bellow (not all changes are essential, but it’s the way i prefer).

If you have dual core or quad core processor, you should change HPET Mode to “64-bit mode” so your system will be 64 bit, pentium d users should leave 32-bit Mode.

Press F10 to save and exit.

Insert iAtkos s3 ver2 10.6.3 DVD and wait, it will boot up installation of OSX, wait and be patient, don’t interupt…
In a while (5-10min) installation should start like on photo bellow, press arrow for next
when install OS X appears go to Disk utility to format your HDD
Select the number of partitions you want and name it the way you want, under “Options” select “guid partition table” and press Apply
Than close Disk Utility and continue installation
Read me and press arrow for nextChoose your HDD where you want to install OS X and press Customize
Select check boxes like on photos bellow…
– choose Chameleon v2 RC5 as a boot loader
– select 32 bit boot (again this is for pentium d users, if u want 64 bit system and have core duo or core quad processor do not select 32 bit boot )
– under Modified kernel use qoopz 10.3.0 (once again this is for pentium d users, if u want 64 bit system and have core duo or core quad processor do not select qoopz kernel, in fact do not select modified kernel at all, and default vanilla kernel will be installed )
– for sound driver select Voodoo HDA, and deselect Apple HDA
– under CPU Power Management select voodoo power and voodoo P-stateNow press ok, and when window is closed, press install and wait while installation finish, when restarted remove your DVD and wait for System to boot…
System should start now, follow the first boot setup of OS X, enter your name, keyboard bla bla … and that’s it. System should be now installed and fully functional, except your graphic card, (depends on what graphic do you have).

Graphic card, in my case NVIDIA 7200GS 256MB works after adding this lines to Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ file (copy to your desktop, so you will be able to edit it)



when line is added, save the file and replace your Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ file with the one on your desktop

note that NVIDIA 7200GS is not 64bit compatible, so instead you can use NVIDIA 8400GS which is…

for NVIDIA 8400GS you should add


for any other graphic card, check

– sleep won’t work so disable it in System Preferences.

Gigabyte For Mac Os X 10.7

To update to 10.6.7 , download 1o.6.7 combo update from here
Before install copy IOUSBFamily.kext and IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext from System/Library/Extensions to your desktop. Now you can install update, do not restart after installation finished, first copy IOUSBFamily.kext and IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext from desktop back to System/Library/Extensions and run Kext Utility (download from to fix permissions. Now you can restart it. Your System is now updated to 10.6.7.
If you need IOUSB 10.6.3 kexts , you can also find it at

enjoy your new Hackintosh! any comments are welcome…

Oftentimes, the DSDT section of tonymacx86 will only offer DSDT files for certain BIOS versions. If you checked your BIOS version, and you don't have a compatible version, then you'll have to update. This is known as flashing your BIOS, which sounds intimidating, but it's really not. In fact, flashing is as easy as installing most Windows programs, once you get used to the blue and yellow pages of the BIOS.
First, you need to download the BIOS update file for your specific BIOS version. If you haven't installed Windows on your Hackintosh yet, then you can do this from a separate computer (it needs to be a Windows PC, unfortunately).
If you have a Gigabyte motherboard, simply Google the model name of your motherboard; the official Gigabyte page for your motherboard should be the first result. In the official Gigabyte page, click on the 'Downloads' tab and select 'BIOS' for download type. For example, this is the BIOS download page for my motherboard (a Gigabyte P67A-D3-B3). You'll download a .exe file. Run it; it will prompt your for installation location.
Just choose any random location that you can remember. The .exe file will extract two files: a BIOS updater (called FLASHSPI.EXE), and a BIOS update file (which should look something like 'p67ad3b3.f5'). Ignore the updater; it's outdated and pretty much useless.Gigabyte motherboard drivers for mac os x
Put the file on a USB drive that has been formatted with the FAT or FAT32 file system. Then plug the drive into the computer whose BIOS you want to update. Boot into the BIOS (you need to press the Delete key at bootup to open the BIOS for Gigabyte motherboards). At the bottom of the BIOS screen, you will see something named along the lines of 'Q-Flash Utility'. This is a tool for updating BIOS software. On Gigabyte motherboards, press F8 to start Q-Flash. Q-Flash should detect the update file on your USB drive. Select that file and press the enter key. After a short update process, your BIOS will be updated.

Gigabyte For Mac Os X 10.13

Once the update process is done, you can reboot and begin your installation of Mac OS X, this time with a supported BIOS version.

Gigabyte For Mac Os X 10.8

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