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FreeAgent Desk™ for Mac 1.5-TB FireWire 800, FireWire 400 & USB 2.0 Drive ST315005FJA105-RK FreeAgent Desk™ 2.0-TB USB 2.0 Drive ST320005FDA2E1-RK FreeAgent™ Desktop 250-GB USB 2.0 Drive ST302504FDA1E1-RK FreeAgent Desk™ 1.0-TB USB 2.0 Drive ST310005FDA2E1-RK 5-year limited warranty. USB 2.0: FreeAgent Desk™ 640-GB USB 2.0 Drive. FreeAgent Goflex is an external hard disk newly introduced by Seagate. This drive is available in the range of 60GB to 3TB capacity. Seagate also manufactures other models of hard drive like FreeAgent Desk, FreeAgent Go, FreeAgent Pro, etc. The reason for above kind of situation might be that your FreeAgent Goflex got corrupted. Seagate’s FreeAgent Desk for Mac 1TB FireWire 800 external hard drive is designed to be a stylish storage solution for your desktop. Time Machine-ready and formatted for the Mac right out of the.

DriveFreeagent Drive For Mac

The FreeAgent Go for Mac is an external hard drive built by storage giant Seagate that promises fast FireWire 800 transfer speeds, spacious storage, and a stylish (if bulky) white and aluminum. Seagate FreeAgent Go Mac 500GB Portable External Hard Drive in good condition and works fine, comes with the data cable only as shown just was formatted in windows, may need to reformat for Mac.


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Seagate Freeagent Go Driver

I have a Seagate Freeagent Go 750GB that my Mac won't recognise. I can't afford to lose the contents. The drive was recognised until recently and is still seen by Disk Utility, but won't display a desktop icon to access the contents. I've run Disk Utility many times and it won't fix the problem. I've followed all the steps in the knowledgebase articles. I've tried to use Seagate's diagnostics software, but without success. I've followed all steps in their knowledgebase. Can you help? Purchased 26 May 2008, S/N 5QD375A2 P/N 9NK2A6-51 (though difficult to read as very small)

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