Free Vsd Viewer For Mac

VSD Viewer Mac is a tool designed to support the use of the Visio documents by Mac OS X users, enabling them to open and read MS Visio drawings on Mac. VSD Viewer supports binary VSD 2000-2013, and XML-based VDX/VSDX document formats.
VSD Viewer Mac opens the file directly on a computer without conversion on external Web Servers.
Key Features:
Navigate multi-page documents
Switch documents layers
Processes EMF / WMF metafiles
Processes OLE-objects
Skip hidden objects
View objects outside page boundaries
View gradient-filled objects
View original dimension units
Save to PDF
Preview formatted elements
VSD Viewer for Mac processes original objects' fills, lines and text the same way as they are displayed by MS Visio. All the line arrows and tabulated texts will be also displayed the way they are in Visio. Text subscript and superscript are processed as well as dimension and state objects.
Operate with images and backgrounds
Combination of VSD Viewer for Mac and VSD Viewer for iOS is recommended for distributed teams collaborating on multi-platform environment, in order to support the extensive communication capabilities.
Explore drawings structure
VSD Viewer has a stunning set of features that improves basic viewing function. Firstly, it enables layers switching even hidden ones, viewer displays only that layers you choose from the drawings menu-bar. In the menu-bar it is also possible to navigate all the document's pages.
Processing Shape Data
Shape data is a special array to safe hidden objects' properties, such arrays are widely used in many various types of professional drawings. Simply enable 'Shape Data Displaying' mode and objects that have this properties will be displayed. Activated objects with shape data (as many at a time as needed) will be shown on PDF-converted and printed documents.

The Microsoft Visio Viewer is a free download that lets anyone view Visio drawings without having Visio installed on their computer. If you have Visio, you can still benefit from the viewer because it allows you to preview drawings in both Outlook and the Windows Preview pane. We recommend that everyone with Windows 7 or Windows 8 download the latest viewer to get the best experience viewing drawings.

Free Vsd Viewer For Mac

Free Visio Viewer (Mac, Windows, Linux) – Chrome 网上应用店. 好像没有流程啊? 所以感觉是有问题的。 Free Visio Viewer. 去试了试打开别的vsd,发现其实是可以正常打开和显示的: 【总结】 Mac中想要简单的查看Visio的vsd文件的话,可以考虑安装Chrome插件:. May 27, 2020 VSD Viewer allows you to save your drawings to Adobe PDF for further sharing. By using VSD Viewer you can freely distribute Visio drawings and diagrams to team members, partners and customers. It's particularly useful for workgroups that need to collaborate their visual documentation in a multi-platform environment.

Free Vsd Viewer For MacFree

Open your Microsoft Visio files for free Our Free Visio Viewer for Mac, Windows, and Linux helps Chrome users collaborate with colleagues that diagram in Microsoft Visio. Use Lucidchart to open. Vsd viewer free download - Free VSD Viewer, VSD Viewer, VSD Viewer Mac, and many more programs. Vsd viewer free download - Free VSD Viewer, VSD Viewer, VSD Viewer Mac, and many more programs.

Windows Vsd Viewer

There are two notable changes to the new viewer.

  1. The viewer allows you to view drawings saved to our new file format (as well as prior file formats).
  2. The viewer supports viewing our new shape effects, which are widely used by the new themes, variants and styles.

If you do not have the new Visio but want to view drawings created in the new Visio, you should download the new version of our free viewer.


Diagramming made simple.

See plans and pricingViewer

View Visio files without Visio

If you don’t have Visio installed and don’t have access to Visio Services on SharePoint, viewing Visio drawings is still as simple as double-clicking the drawing in Windows Explorer. Internet Explorer will open, and the viewer will render the drawing in the browser. The viewer allows you to pan and zoom, navigate to different pages, see shape properties, and set different viewing options.

Previewing Visio files in Outlook

The Visio Viewer also allows users to preview Visio drawings in Microsoft Outlook. In Outlook, you can simply single-click on a Visio drawing sent as an attachment and the viewer will display it in Outlook. You can pan and zoom the drawing, and switch to different pages. Right-click on the preview image to see some of these options.

Free Vsd Viewer For Mac Os

Even if you have Visio, this is a quick way to take a peek at the drawing without leaving Outlook.

Previewing Visio files in Windows Explorer

You can also preview a Visio drawing directly in Windows. In Windows Explorer, click the View tab, select Preview pane, then single-click on a Visio drawing. The drawing will be displayed in the preview pane.

The options to pan, zoom and switch to different pages, and the right mouse menu are available in the Windows Explorer preview pane.

Comparing the Viewer with Visio Services

One of the top questions we get about the Visio Viewer is how it differs from Visio Services. These are both products available to view Visio drawings without having Visio installed, but they are very different!

To understand the differences, we have to stop and talk a moment about Visio Services. Visio Services is part of SharePoint and SharePoint Online in Office 365. You can upload a Visio file to SharePoint and then everyone else can view it. Nothing needs to be installed on the user’s computer, and, in fact, the file can be viewed from a wide variety of devices–desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. It works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and it includes enhancements for touch and for mobile devices with smaller screens.

With Visio Services, users can also add comments to the drawing and, when a drawing is connected to data, Visio Services can refresh the data and update the shapes in the drawing that are linked to data. This makes Visio Services great for creating dashboards and keeping people up to date with the latest information.

In comparison, the Visio Viewer provides a static view of the drawing: users cannot add comments and the drawing does not update as data changes. The viewer is also something that you install on your computer. The viewer is very useful for viewing Visio drawings, especially when you don’t have Visio or Visio Services. Visio Services, however, is a much more powerful tool for interacting with Visio drawings.

Vsd Viewer Windows 10


We want to make it easy for everyone to view Visio drawings, especially the modern-looking and professional diagrams made in the new Visio. We recommend that you download new Visio Viewer to get the best viewing experience.

Please continue to let us know what you think by commenting below!

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