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E-learning is the dissemination of learning material with the help of internet, which helps people learn new things anytime. E-learning is growing at a rapid speed and people are responding to it very well. Professionals are selling and sharing their skills online with the people who lack skills and are giving them a chance to learn. A lot of e-learning software is available online for people to choose and learn from.

Best 3 Free E-learning Software

E-learning software is useful for the enthusiastic learners who have the zeal to learn something new and brush up their skills. We will discuss with you today the 3 best free e-learning software, which are easy to use and can be downloaded to your different devices.

1)ezTalks Webinar

ezTalks Webinar online e-learning software is the best amongst all the other available tools, which is smart, interactive and has the best of information available for the users. If someone has the appetite to learn a new skill and advance their knowledge, then this software can satisfy them wholeheartedly.


a) ezTalks Webinar provides a series of webinar services for your e-learning courses including Live Webinar, Automated Webinar, On-Demand Webinar and Paid Webinar. You can produce live e-learning lessons, automated lessons, on-demand lessons and paid lessons flexibly.

b) In addition to HD video & audio chat, it also offers live text chat which is either group learning chat or personal chat where one can ask for a doubt that they have while doing a course. It is where one can talk to the professionals if they come across any type of query in their module and get clarifications right away.

c) It provides an interactive whiteboard feature which means that either the teacher or the learner can draw, write or type a query or explanation on the board to get clarification. At the same time, they can use screen sharing for real-time presentation, no matter the interactive whiteboard, the apps on your device or the whole desktop.

d) The e-learning courses can be recorded if necessary. Viewers can download for playback or merely rewatch it online without downloading.

e) One can be a part of these e-learning courses through any device like Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android. This is the e learning software for schools free download and even other fields on different devices. Besides, those who want to join the courses can also get access to the e-learning courses with no need to download the app.

Best free e-learning software helps the keen learners to use the best of technology to get plenty of knowledge. This software is user-friendly and enables learners to get the best of knowledge. Why not click the pic and get the free trial chance?

Software For Mac Computers


LAMS, the Learning Activity Management System, are free e-learning software, which enables the learning module in an information rich way which makes it easier for the learners. They get access to a wide range of information which is available in a textual and visual format. These are available online for free, it is one of the best e-learning software. The software offers a list of animated tutorial which makes learning fun. It serves as a platform for both academic and corporate learning.


These are free e-learning software, which doesn't require any investment but in return would help you learn something from the course. The modules are interactive and useful for the learners.


As it is online e-learning software sometimes there might be some technical errors which might require highly trained IT professional's assistance this might delay. Due to the lack of technical knowledge one might not know how to operate these software systems.

3) Easygenerator

Easygenerator is the most user-friendly e-learning software, which enables individuals to learn a new skill from their very organized data that this available for the courses. Online learning has come as blessing to the busy that are on a very tight schedule, it helps them learn something new that too without stepping out of the house.

Software For Mac Free


The videos available are beta version thus providing the learners with an opportunity to learn in better way. The tools used to upload and download the learning material is very easy and accessible. There is a lot that one can learn from this free e-learning software.


Free У Learning Software For Mac

Just like every other free-learning software this software also might encounter some technical error and as it is online one might have to wait till the time it gets fixed, however in real classrooms one doesn't get such issues, the teacher is available to answer the queries of the learner. If one misses or doesn't understand a topic they will have no one to ask questions to thus leaving them wondering about what the answers to their questions would be. PNG image source from pngtube, pngsee, vippng.

Who Can Go for E-learning?

Anyone who has a passion to learn a new skill can opt for e-learning. Many working professionals, who don't have much time on their hand, go for e-learning as it helps people to learn new skills from anywhere. Those are various free e-learning software for such professionals which are required for their ongoing jobs. Those courses are flexible, easy to learn and a person can logon anytime from anywhere to start a module or to learn the next course that they are interested in. What you need to do now is to choose the best free elearning software for your effective learning!

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Free Software For Mac Downloads

Some episodes of Learning Machines 101 introduce software which can be downloaded. In order to download the software you must first obtain the current password which is available for free when you join the Learning Machines 101 community. The software password will be changed from time to time. As a member of the Learning Machines 101 Community, you will be informed of the current software password as well as announcements regarding recent podcasts, software updates, and special events such as webinars. Membership is free and you can cancel your membership at any time. Typically, you should receive about 2 emails per month from Learning Machines 101.


MATLAB Source Code for both Windows Executable and MAC OS-X Executable Versions will typically be provided. The MATLAB Source Code requires that you have already installed the MATLAB Software Development Environment (see: on your computer in order for you to execute the MATLAB Source Code. However, even if you are unable to execute the MATLAB Source Code you may find it helpful to download the MATLAB Source Code if you are interested in the specific algorithms used in the software. The MATLAB Source Code is written in such a way that it is easy to read and it clearly documents the relevant algorithms.

Download Linear Machine Software

In order to run executable software provided on this website, you must download and install either the Windows MCR Library Installer Version 2011b 32-bits or the MAC OS-X MCR Library Installer Version 2012a 64-bits. This is a one-time installation. This file is approximately 300 megabytes (1/3 of a gigabyte) so it is very large. Do not delete this “installer file” after you download it because if you decide to remove the MCR Library from your computer in the future, you will need this files to do a “clean” uninstall of the MCR Library software. Once the MCR Library software is uninstalled, you can then delete the installer file. Finally, it is legal for you to download and install the MCR Library Installer on your computer only for the purpose of running the executable software provided by Learning Machines 101 on this website.

Also please note that if you are using a very recent version of MAC OS-X you may have to download Xquartz from

All MATLAB source code is provided under the APACHE 2.0 license. Check out: Bob Butterfield’s informal explanation of the official APACHE 2.0 license which is located at: The bottom line is simply the Apache 2.0 license allows you to use, modify, and distribute the software as long as you keep the relevant LICENSE.txt notices associated with the software intact. You can incorporate this free software into your commercial projects royalty free without requiring additional permission from RMG Consulting Inc. Also if you are working under the GNU license which is an open-source license, you can incorporate this code into GNU open-source projects as well. The APACHE 2.0 license also says that if there is a software bug in the code or an algorithm design problem with this software and you use it in your project and consequently your project or some outcome of that project suffers because of that software bug or design problem, you can’t attribute the blame to the owner of the software which is RMG Consulting Inc. Please note further the current software is under active development and refinement and despite my best efforts may have software bugs or algorithm design flaws. This software has not been extensively tested and is therefore likely to have bugs and algorithm design flaws.

Please post bugs and algorithm design flaws on this comments page to inform all users of the Learning Machines 101 Community as well as providing direct feedback using the link:

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