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Taking into consideration the fact that today you won’t face any difficulties hunting after worthy database management software for Mac, in some instances, people can’t make an ultimate choice. The Apple Store is overloaded with different options and it is really hard to render a correct decision. Some software products are overload with a variety of extra options, the other part of them isn’t up to quality.

  1. May 10, 2020 The steps are quite similar to setting up VirtualBox. To set up Parallels for an Oracle database on your Mac, the high-level steps are: Purchase and download Parallels for Mac (or use the free trial). Install Parallels. Set up a new Virtual Machine on Windows 10.
  2. Database Oasis is a popular solution that allows you to create and custom.

If you are one of those Mac users, who can’t decide which database control tool to use, read our review of reputable database management apps and probably, you’ll reach a decision.

Dozens of database management programs and apps are available on the market: for download for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android or online database software tools. When it comes to easiest database creators, the majority of them are for personal needs, small business and mid-size companies (such as simple sale and customer database systems. Update for free database software for mac. There are several reasons for this dynamic: First, new technologies are emerging, as a result, the equipment is being improved and that, in turn, requires software changes. Secondly, the needs of users are growing, requirements are increasing and the needs are changing for free database software for mac.

SQLPro Studio

This is a powerful and overspecified database management app for MySQL, Oracle databases, Postgres and Microsoft Management Studio. This is a very useful tool for any user. The app is packed with a variety of features that can be helpful for any user. Below, you can perlustrate the list of all features, provided by this product:

  • Tabbed based interface,
  • NetBIOS support,
  • Intellisense autocompletion,
  • Simple navigation (immediate access to columns, indexes, different tables, etc).
  • Password authentication.

Through the use of this simple application, you can create a powerful database connection. If you are a professional user who needs to create several connections, you should buy the premium subscription. The price for an upgraded version is $19.99 and the subscription will auto-renew automatically.

FileMaker Pro

This software solution is regarded to be a powerful database management instrument for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows. The prime objective of this software product is to help you enhance the productivity of your team. The program is very easy to use and has a variety of excellent features.

FileMaker Pro is staffed with a variety of different features that will help you perform the easiest tasks. The targeted audience of this software product is people who are engaged in business or education area. It provides them with an opportunity to control information effortlessly.

iData Pro

iData Pro is a foremost database application for Mac users. Users consider this database management tool to be a superb solution for keeping any kind of data, comprising texts and photos. Otherwise stated, it can handle an awful lot of data files. The software also provides you with a variety of additional fields. There is a freeform text area, which comprises sound files, images, and a styled text feature. With the functionality of iData Pro, the process of creating custom labels will take several minutes. Even if you are a demanding customer, you’ll definitely be pleased with the functionality of this software.

Database For Macbook

Free Database For Mac

The overarching priority of this tool is to deprive Mac users of the necessity to use Microsoft Office on Mac devices. This solution is absolutely free. Besides, it is also compatible with office suites. It means that you can adjust documents created in Word with ease. This tool will meet the demands of the most exacting users (people who need stable and powerful apps for their everyday work). It makes no matter what files you wish to work because, with this tool, flexibility is guaranteed.

Whether you need to process a few spreadsheets or manage several important docs, this option will be an ideal tool for you!

There is also a category of users, complaining about sudden slowdowns which happen from time to time.

MBD Explorer

This is one more free database software for Mac users. If you need to view MBD files on a rolling basis, this management tool is quite the thing. Users can open tables from absolutely different databases. It also allows you to generate SQL files that will be compatible with the systems of database management. The features as filtering, searching or sorting files are also available. Otherwise stated, if you need a simple converter of access database to XML files, the app will meet your demands.

Nevertheless, the major part of all operations requires the in-app purchases.

The prime objective of any database engine is to store information and retrieve it when necessary. If handled properly, these software products will become your must-have tools, which save your time and efforts.

At the present days, data management has become a crucial industry on its own. This is owing to the fact that data is a pointer towards the direction a business is headed.


For effective data management across all the fields, it has become necessary to use database design tools to store, manipulate and analyze data to get the best and quick result. This article will help you with an overview of some of these tools.


This is a complex database tool that aims at improving your experience as a user through the elimination of SQL hand coding. DbWrench uses ER diagrams model, analyze as well as communicate your designs. With this tool, creation and updating of databases is both easy and fast making it a great tool to use.

SQL Developer Data Modeler

This is a database design tool from the software giant Oracle. The tool supports graphical representation of data and it is worth noting that it is distributed freely. The tool supports both the desktop as well as cloud environments though it requires a java environment be installed in the system.

DeZign for Databases

DeZign for Databases by DATANAMIC is a data modeling tool for the serious professionals. The tool deploys ER diagrams to make graphically design databases while generating most popular SQL and desktop databases automatically. It can be used as a conventional database tool while also it can be deployed for forward and reverse engineering.

Other Platforms

Best Free Database For Mac

In the majority of the cases, databases design tools are developed across all environment, but it is also a fact that the majority are on the Windows platform but requires a java environment to be installed in the system. The field is also mostly dominated by the open-source tools, and this is the reason they are able to simulate on all platforms.

Toad Data Modeler

Toad data modeler is a cross-platform tool that is easy to use and is developed by Dell. With this tool users are able to make data models of high quality and effect data changes with accuracy. The tool was formerly referred to as Case Studio 2.

Navicat For MAC

Navicat Data Modeler for mac is the version that is available specifically for the Mac uses. Navicat supports a variety of database systems. Some of the supported versions are MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MariaDB. With this tool, reverse engineering, as well as comparisons and synchronizations, is possible.

MobiDB Database Designer

This is a relational database Android app that allows multi-user access as well as synchronization between Android and Windows 10 apps. The tool is able to store virtually everything ranging from inventory to locations making it a great supplement when one is outdoors. It is also easy to use and simple.

Most Popular Soft 2016 – ModelRight

Mac Database Apps

ModelRight is a database design tool that innovative, reliable and a great value for money and this is the reason it has gained so much popularity during this year. The tool offers a hyperlinked navigation tool that makes it very easy to navigate around the database while ensuring the database remain clean, free from clutter and a modern design environment.

What is a Database Design Tool?

It is always a great idea to go back to the basics so as to understand the most basic principles as well as their benefits. In the case of database design tools, you need to understand what database design is. In this context, it is the capacity to manipulate as well as add data to a database. Therefore, database design tools are those that help in this process. The benefit to the use of these tools is that they to a great extent reduce the amount of knowledge required to make manipulations to complex databases.

How to Install Database Design Tools

Simple Free Database For Mac

The installation process of these tools is pretty much the same as for those other applications. However, there are some specific requirements that are to be observed in some platforms and also for some specific tools. For instance, there are some tools that may need a java environment to be installed.

Database design tools are great companions for the developers as well as users of information databases. There are quite plenty of these tools and depending on the application being deployed as well as platform, a user can be in a position to make an informed decision on the one to use.

Database Program For Mac

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