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Refer to the manual for your Mac when you need information that’s specific to your model, such as supported connections and expansion information.

ExcelMicrosoft office for mac
  1. Choose Apple menu > About This Mac.

  2. Click Support.

  3. In the macOS Resources section, click User Manual.

Mac High Sierra excel 2016 - extremely slow (4 threads) I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro and installed a MS 2016 package. Excel 2016 has been extremely slow, and literally I can't do my job with excel. Disclaimer: This question started as a GitHub issue. I'll put the X question right up front: Does anyone know a way to set DYLDLIBRARYPATH in a way that Excel 2016 will recognize on MacOS Sierra? The actual problem (Y): How (else) can the developers of CoolProp allow their dynamic library to be used in Excel? I am trying to get Excel 2016 for Mac to recognize the.

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