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  1. DiskGenius, previously PartitionGuru, is full-featured partition manager, which is.
  2. Darik's Boot and Nuke ('DBAN') is a self-contained boot disk that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers. DBAN will automatically and completely delete the contents of any hard disk that.
  3. Burn ISO to USB Mac Using Terminal. You can make use of the default command line interface on.

Delete information stored on hard disk drives (HDDs) in PC laptops, desktops or servers. Plus, remove viruses/spyware from Microsoft Windows installations.

While DBAN is free to use, there’s no guarantee your data is completely sanitized across the entire drive. It cannot detect or erase SSDs and does not provide a certificate of data removal for auditing purposes or regulatory compliance. Hardware support (e.g. no RAID dismantling), customer support and software updates are not available using DBAN. If you are an enterprise that needs to erase data from SSDs or requires a Certificate of Erasure for compliance purposes, request your free Blancco Drive Eraser Trial for Enterprise Organizations.

This program runs on all operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It does need a CD or flash drive to install. Is there a better alternative? No, the other alternatives such as Evidence Eliminator are expensive. DBAN does the same job but for no cost. Blancco drive eraser shares many of the same qualities but it is not free. Data Wipe Softwares have been designed to erase large volume of data permanently from the device. These softwares are lightweight, free and portable tools and are very useful to get rid of unnecessary data with just a click. When you normally delete any data, it just reaches the recycle bin, the system cannot find its reference but the data is still there and can be recovered thorough Data.

What Do You Want to Erase?

Which Download is Best for You?

DBAN is intended for individuals or home use to support data removal needs. For a comprehensive certified data erasure solution in companies and organizations, including reporting, Blancco is the recommended security solution. Blancco Drive Eraser trials are not available for personal use.

DBAN is intended for personal use only.
Blancco Drive Eraser
Recommended for Business and Organizational use.
Permanent Data ErasureYES*
* Removes data without any certifiable proof. No guarantee of data removal.
Remapped Sectors and Hidden Areas
Secure SSD Erasure
Erasure Standards 622+
Erasure ReportingDigitally Signed Report (XML & PDF)
Certifications, Approvals & Compliance
DoD 5222.2M, NIST 800-88
Third-Party Certifications and Approvals Common Criteria, NATO,
CESG, 6+ Other
Delivery Methods CDCD, USB, MSI, PXE
Supported HDD Connectors ATA, SATA, SCSIATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS,
RAID Dismantling
HW and Smart Tests
User Authentication
License Harvesting
UEFI Support
Global Technical Support
Regular Software Updates



When erasing sensitive data, always make sure that the data cannot be recovered. A few ways to do this include Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN), or various options within macOS.

  • To securely wipe a solid-state drive (SSD), see Securely erase a solid-state drive or Protect IU's How to securely erase a Solid State Drive.
  • For more about secure deletion methods and data destruction services, see Protect IU's Secure Data Removal.


To securely wipe a disk drive using DBAN:

  1. Download DBAN.
  2. Use DBAN to create a bootable DBAN CD, and then boot your computer using this CD.
  3. At the boot: prompt, press Enter to start DBAN in interactive mode.
  4. Press M (Method). On the 'Wipe Method' screen, use the arrow keys to navigate to your preferred wiping method (for example, Quick Erase [one pass], DoD Short [three passes], or DoD 5220.22-M [seven passes]). Press the Spacebar to save your selection and return to the Disks and Partitions menu.
  5. If only one disk is present in your computer, select the top option that appears in the Disks and Partitions menu, and then press the Spacebar. The selection box will display '[wipe]' to indicate what will be securely erased:
    • If you see '[****]', the section of the disk you selected will also be wiped.
    • If you see '[----]', you have already selected a section of the disk for wiping. Uncheck your selection and instead wipe the entire disk.
  6. Press the F10 key to begin the secure erase process. As soon as you press F10, data erasure will begin.

The 'Statistics' box in the top right corner of the screen will display an estimate of the time remaining on the disk wiping process.

Use macOS

Due to the prevalence of solid-state drives (SSDs), Apple has removed many of the tools previously provided to securely erase data from hard disk drives (HDDs). The best method to use for any SSD is full-disk encryption; FileVault is Apple's full-disk encryption.

macOS has retained the following built-in options for securely removing data:

Dban For Mac Download

  • For whole file systems, use the Disk Utility, which can be found in any of the following places:
    • In the Applications/Utilities/ folder on your hard drive
    • In the Recovery HD partition

    In Disk Utility, choose the file system you want to wipe, and then select the Erase tab. If you have a hard disk drive, select Security Options to choose the security level of the erasure. If a solid-state drive is detected, Security Options may not be available for selection.

  • For individual files, use rm -P from the command line. This overwrites files three times before deleting them. Because of the way solid-state drives work, this method may only be effective on traditional hard disk drives.

Dban For Mac Os 10.13

For more, see Protect IU's Secure Data Removal and Solid State Drives.

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