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DigiKam is a free open source software to batch convert CR2 to JPG for Windows, Linux. Once finished editing image, go to Lightroom library. Once you are happy with the edits of your.

Cr2 To Jpg For Mac

Are these photos already in iPhoto? What version of iPhoto and system are you running?

If the photos are already imported into iPhoto then when you make any edits with iPhoto the resulting edit will be a jpg file.

If they are not imported into iPhoto then maybe the Sony software can convert them. Also there is a Automator workflow app that I created that will take any image file, convert it into a jpg and embed the sRGB color profile. It's called Convert to JPG and Embed sRGB and can be downloaded from Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the waring about running it on copies as it will convert the file to jpeg and if it's not what you want you can resort back to the original raw files.

If you are new to using Lightroom, it can be a daunting editing software at first to use. But after a few hours of use, you can start to see the simplicity behind its design. I know it took me quite some time to get a hang of. One thing you may be trying to figure out, is how to convert RAW to JPEG in Lightroom.

If you follow on, I will give you a straight forward guide on how to convert and export RAW (also known as CR2) images to JPEG’s using the Lightroom dashboard. All up, this whole process takes only 30 seconds and is great for individual or batches of images!

In this guide I am using Lightroom 5 as my workflow, but these same steps should apply to almost any version of Lightroom that you are using. Ok, lets get stuck in!

How To Convert RAW To JPEG In Lightroom In 3 Simple Steps

1. Once finished editing image, go to Lightroom library

Cr2 To Jpg For Mac

Once you are happy with the edits of your image, head over to the library section of Lightroom (located on the top navigation bar). This is where you would have originally imported your photos. When in the library section, select an image of images that you would like to convert.

To select more than one image, press ‘Command’ on a Mac or ‘Control’ on Windows. After you have selected your image/images, you are now ready to export. Simply click the ‘Export’ button located on the bottom left hand corner.

2. Select desired settings, name and file destination

Once you have clicked the ‘Export’ button, and you are pretty much done! A new pop up window will show where you can adjust the name of the file, destination and more importantly the format of the image. Generally I leave all this the same as Lightroom automatically generates a file name and sets it to JPEG.

However for some reason these settings have been changed, you can simply change the export format in the dropdown menu under ‘File Settings’. Also on the left hand side, you can adjust the quality of the image which will reduce the size and of course lessen the quality.

3. Time to export

When you have pick your desired settings, now you can simply click ‘Export’ and you are done! It really is that simple! If you would like to see more on how to convert RAW to JPEG in Lightroom, you can check out the video I have made below.

Wrapping it up

Hopefully this guide has helped you better understand the library and developing section of Lightroom. If you also want to really up your photography game, you can check out my guide on the best online photography courses.

Cr2 To Jpg Mac Os

To learn more about image conversion, see my guide on converting PNG to JPEGS for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android!

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