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CHM viewer software tools help you see files that are forbidden or confined by security settings of any networks. CHM readers and CHM viewers enable you to read and view documents because of the restricted settings by the networks. But thanks to CHM Viewer software, you can open view restricted files on your Tablet, Mac, Android, Windows, Desktops, Linux and all various operating systems and platforms. There are also CHM Add-ons available such as CHM Fox extension for Firefox.


CHM Viewer

CHM Viewer is complete freeware where you can open, view contents and files with CHM formats. This software has the features to modify fonts, zoom in and out the size of the fonts, change the default colours of the font, and background colours. You can also save images in JPG, PNG, BMP, JPEG, and GIF formats.

CHM is an extension for the Compiled HTML file format, most commonly used by Microsoft's HTML-based help program. It may contain many compressed HTML documents and the images and JavaScript they link to.

  1. CHM Viewer is a free software to view CHM format files, it can quickly open the.chm file, format and display the contents, and it is a completely freeware, easy to use very much.
  2. Thanks to my beautiful girlfriend Anca for creating the front page xCHM logo and putting up with me. Pabs has contributed time and knowledge to the development of xCHM. Together with Jed Wing, Pabs is the author of the most complete specification for the chm format I have seen. WxWidgets developer Vadim Zeitlin has helped me with Mac OS X testing and patches, and contributed to the build system.

Chumium – CHM File Reader

Chumium is a free app that allows you to read Windows CHM files. You can use this app when you are online or offline. It reads files from your local drivers. Its support tab also gives most of the information and FAQs in case you need any help. You can add an Add-on extension on your Google Chrome.


xCHM is a very handy CHM viewer. Your system will require having wxWidgets 2.8 or recent version to enable xCHM. It also provides you the options of xCHM source code either through downloading or by browsing it for Win32 and Mac Operating systems. xCHM provides screenshots, Links, FAQ and technical notes, which helps in a big way.

CHM Viewer for Other Platforms

CHM Viewer are available for various platforms and operating systems such as CHM viewer Linux, Mac, CHM viewer for Windows etc. Most of CHM viewer free download online is for free or keep as add-ons on your browser so that you can use it whenever you have to open a restricted or compressed CHM file. CHM viewer for android, Cool Reader, and Super CHM are compatible with Android devices and eBook Viewer and Converter, CHM viewer chrome for Google Chrome etc.

FB Reader for Windows

FBReader also known as Favorite Book Reader is an e-book reader software available for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS X, Blackberry10 and additional platforms. It has an inbuilt library, CHMlib, which is an open source library that enables you to employ with multiple freeware applications and several free e-books and formats.

iCHM for Mac

iChm is an e-book reader for CHM files for Mac OS X, iPod, and IPhone Touch. You need to have Mac OS X version 10.5 or more and iPhone OS version 2.1 or more, a web browser to upload your files and require Wi-Fi connection. You can export your file to PDF, add bookmarks.

Chm Reader X for Android

Chm Reader X is an e-book reader for Android phones and tablets. It is light in weight. It provides support to CHM, Text, Image and HTML, embedded PDF files. It also provides search, bookmarks, drag and fast scroll bar, options to navigate top and bottom pages. Android version differs with several devices.

Open Extract CHM File – Most Popular Software

Open/Extract CHM File is the most popular, user-friendly software to extract and decompile CHM files easily and quickly on Windows OS. You can download it for free, install gradually, and open CHM files very easily. All you need to do is open the CHM file, double-click it and extract the file. You can also see Finance Analysis Software

What is CHM Viewer?

CHM means Compiled HTML and this format commenced by Microsoft for use on Windows applications output documentation. A compilation of CHM documents made up of HTML pages compressed and filled as one file. Because of safety concerns, sometimes you cannot open files as the network restricts them. In order to unblock such files, you need to have CHM Viewer Download in your system. With the help of CHM Viewer software, you can easily open, view, read restricted files.

You can also save images from the compressed files by pressing right-click on the image and save as JPEG, BMP JPG, GIF, and PNG format.After going through all these CHM Viewer software and reviews, one can only think of choosing the best ones most compatible with your devices. From now onwards, whenever you find files, which are restricted from viewing or opening because of restrictions by your network, you know what you have to do.

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Here are some of the best ways to view CHM Files on MAC OS. Some of the freeware CHM readers are listed here which are compatible with MAC OS.

About CHM File Format

Before mentioning the list of MAC CHM readers; here is an explanation of CHM file format:

.CHM Format is the patent format by Microsoft developed as help manuals that provides instructions of softwares, ebook or other help files. Most of the ‘Help’ button in softwares pops out CHM file format where you can access instructional tutorials on how to use the program.

If you are on Ubuntu then follow this guide for converting CHM into PDF and viewing it on your PDF reader. Also, sometimes you get an error message such as ‘Cannot open CHM files’ in Windows. But most of the time, CHM formats are automatically opened in Windows OS. And now, how to view CHM Files on Mac OS?

Therefore, below is the list of the best freeware CHM readers for MAC OS.. if you know any other freeware CHM program that can be listed here then let me know through your comments.

View CHM Files on Mac OS

So how do you open CHM file on Mac OS? After digging through the internet; I found some of the free MAC CHM reader that will open CHM format files and they are listed here in no particular order. Note that all these programs are completely free 😉

1. Mac iCHM reader

iCHM is an completely free and functional CHM reader for MAC that has the ability to search, tab browse files, navigate instantly and export CHM to PDF format without too much of fuss.

You can directly download iCHM reader from here

2. Chmox viewer

Though Chmox CHM viewer for MAC is not updated anymore but this program is a good chm viewer! It does handle chm files appropriately, just like iCHM reader – You can convert CHM to PDF format and also search text in chm files instantly.

Download Chmox for Mac. Once you have downloaded Chmox, drag and drop it to the ‘Application’ folder and now try to open CHM file. Works like a charm!

3. Chamonix File Viewer

CHM files seems to work easily with Chamonix viewer which has features much more similar to that of the default windows CHM reader with options to add pages as favorites, search content and navigate through the index.

Even larger CHM files are opened in Chamonix and supports printing of individual pages as well.

Download Chamonix. (Note: Do check out the necessary OS requirements for opening chm files before downloading Chamonix)

Any other Mac CHM viewer I’ve missed? Let me know 🙂

Macos Chm

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