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Hello friends, Today I will share three methods on how to backup iPhone to Mac. Users can take a complete data backup. You can backup your picture, videos, docs, and almost all data. Users can later retrieve the data back on their iPhone. This method will work on all iPhones like iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 10 and 11 Pro/Max.
Suppose you want to format your iPhone because of some reason. And you want to store your existing precious data somewhere from where you can easily retrieve it back on your iPhone. Now, let us assume that you have a Macbook along with your iPhone. And you want to transfer the data on Mac. You can transfer all types of data like pics, videos, docs, and everything.

No doubt that a Macbook is the best option to take backup. Why? Because it has many amazing features for you to do such as iMessage on Mac, adding contacts on Mac, installing Microsoft Edge on Mac, using dark mode on Mac, setting a VPN on Mac, and many more. So, the thing comes up is that how will you take backup iPhone to Mac completely? Move further for more information regarding the same.

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How to Backup iPhone to Mac

In this segment of the article, I am going to suggest you top three simplest methods to take backup iPhone to Mac completely/fully. The only hard work you have to do is that you have to install that software on your iOS device. But, let me tell you that these softwares are trusted and two of them are officially by Apple. These methods can be used anywhere around the globe. Also, these methods are free to use to take a backup of the iPhone to Mac.

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Method 01: Using iTunes

iTunes is free software beneficial to iOS device users. Users can play music and games online using it. It is also responsible for taking a backup of settings, messages, camera roll, documents, saved games, and many more. It supports all iOS devices such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, and more. It is a method in which iOS users can get help regarding taking a backup of iPhone to Mac PC/Laptop.

Backup iphone for mac torrents
  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Click on the iCloud option.
  3. Click on the Storage & Backup option.
  4. Turn the toggle off saying iCloud Backup.
  5. Turn the WiFi on (iPhone and Mac both).
  6. Open the iTunes software.
  7. On your iPhone, select your Macbook from the list.
  8. On Mac, select your device in iTunes software.
  9. On the right side, click on Backup now.

Method 02: Using iCloud

Using iCloud in order to take a backup from iPhone to Mac, will backup your iPhone data to cloud automatically using WiFi or internet connection. Apple provides up to 5GB of free space to the cloud. At iCloud users can take backup in both ways either to make it automatically or manually. Also, it is not a permanent backup which means if you have deleted a photo and synced your iOS device, then it will get deleted from the iCloud too. Where in the permanent backup it should be present at the backup area.

  1. Go to the Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Click on your profile name.
  3. Click on the iCloud option.
  4. Tap the iCloud backup toggle.
  5. Click on the Backup now button.
  6. Go to the Macbook, open the iCloud website.
  7. Login with the same Apple ID.
  8. You will get all the data on the screen.
  9. Download all your precious data and keep it in your Mac HDD.

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Method 03: Using Syncios Phone Manager

Syncios Phone Manager is an iPhone Manager software that is helpful if you want to take backup iPhone to Mac. It is trusted by various authorities such as 9To5Mac, CNET, Softonic, and more. It is free software that can transfer data from iPhone to Mac or vice Versa like Music, videos, photos, apps, ebooks, contacts, messages, and more. Also, you can transfer data to several devices with ease. It takes backup very fastly and retrieves it in lossless quality at any time.

  1. Get the free Syncios Phone Manager software on your Macbook.
  2. Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to the Macbook.
  3. You will be able to see all your iPhone data like music, videos, photos, messages, apps, contacts, bookmarks, call logs and more.
  4. Click on the Media tab from the left navigation panel.
  5. Choose the Music option from the right menu.
  6. Select the song and click on the Export option at the top menu bar.
  7. It will send it to your Macbook PC/Laptop.

Before you do anything, make sure you are selecting media type from the top menu like photos, videos, etc. This is how you can do a backup of other medias such as photos, videos, and more. Users can backup iPhone to Mac completely.

How to Fix iCloud Backup Failed

The most common reason behind the iCloud backup failed is that your iCloud storage is full. So you have to deleted some of your data from iCloud storage. To remove some data from your iCloud storage, click on the Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Manage Storage and then clear the data. If somehow your issue is not fixed then contact the iCloud Help team or you can find the help at the iCloud Help Page.


We have seen how we can take backup iPhone to Mac. There was two official way to do so. Where one of them was by using trusted software. Obviously, there is more software like that which can help you with this. However, I personally recommend you take a backup of your iPhone or either Mac PC to any external Hard Disk. Why? Because there is no risk of data hacking or loosing if we talk about HDD, where it is not connected to WiFi or internet connection.

Also, if you are new to iOS devices then explore your Macbook more like connecting your Airpods to Macbook, and more. And on the iPhone, you can do a reverse image search on iPhone, and many more things. I hope you have successfully taken the backup of your iPhone to Mac using this article. Share it with your friends so that they can also learn the same thing.


If you are wondering how do I extract data from an iPhone backup, then reading this post is a right choice. This Top 6 iPhone Backup Extractor Software review will help you choose the best one and tell you the detailed steps of how to extract the iPhone/iTunes backup.

iPhone Backup Tips

Backup iPhone Data
iPhone Backup Locations
iPhone Backup Tips

Apple encourages everyone to have a regular backup for an iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This way, you’ll have a backup copy of your information in case your device is ever lost, damaged and replaced. What if the “misfortune” really happens someday? Do you have to buy another iPhone just for extracting your photos or text messages from the iTunes/iCloud backup? Before the iPhone Backup Extractor software comes to life, it seems impossible to recover your data from your iPhone backup.


Is iPhone Backup Extractor free? There are both free and paid iPhone backup extract tools and you can choose according to your needs. Next, we will show you some of them.

Can you extract photos from an iPhone backup? Here we list some of the top iPhone backup extractor tools you can have a try.

1. PhoneRescue for iOS

What is the best iPhone Backup Extractor? PhoneRescue – iOS data recovery is the one you should try if you’re facing a severe iOS data deletion or corruption disaster.

  • It’s fully capable of extracting different types of files from iTunes/iCloud backup without connecting to the iPhone, like photos, contacts, messages, notes, etc.
  • You can’t view iTunes or iCloud backup content before you restore, but you can selectively preview and choose certain data types you want with PhoneRescue, and import them directly to iPhone apps, or to the computer.
  • In addition, it is more than one iPhone backup extractor. You can also use it to recover data from iPhone, such as photos, contacts, call history, messages, safari history, app data, voicemail, voice memo, and so on.
  • The iOS Repair Tool feature of PhoneRescue also allows you to fix iOS system issues when your iPhone is stuck or freeze.

You can now download PhoneRescue for iOS free trial on your computer to have a try:

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Top iPhone Backup Extractor – PhoneRescue



  • Extract lost/deleted iPhone data from iCloud Backup and iTunes Backup, even it is an encrypted one.
  • Exported iOS files can be saved in your wanted formats, such as HTML/ V-Card/VCF/Text.
  • Preview data before extracting, which means you can select and extract only your wanted items.
  • [NEW] Integrated iOS Repairing Tools – PhoneRescue has expanded the recovering power from specific data to the whole iOS system. When an iOS device runs into a system crash,it can be fully fixed within a single click.
  • [NEW] Phone to Phone Recovery – Directly extract data from iPhone / iTunes / iCloud backup and import the data to a new iPhone on the fly.


  • Free to scan and preview, but you need to pay for it if you want to extract some files from iTunes or iCloud backup to computer or iDevice. Check the price plan of PhoneRescue for iOS here: Buy PhoneRescue for iOS >

2. AnyTrans

Mac Iphone Backup Location

AnyTrans is acknowledged as a must-have iPhone data manager. How do I extract data from an iPhone backup? AnyTrans also does a great job of backing up & extracting your iPhone/iCloud backup.

  • With it, you can make a regular backup of your iPhone without iTunes, after that, you can also freely view and extract the iPhone backup you made with AnyTrans.
  • You can also use the iCloud Manager feature to log in with multiple iCloud accounts to view, download, and extract data from iCloud backup to the computer.
  • It allows you to view and download files from the backup including photos, contacts, messages, call logs, calendars, etc.
  • You can use it to manually backup your iPhone or just use the Air Backup feature to backup over the air.
  • AnyTrans also does you a big favor on data transferring, it’s quite easy to transfer data from one iPhone to another, or from android to iPhone, or from iPhone to computer, and vice versa.

Here you can free download AnyTrans on both your Windows and Mac to have a try:

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

iPhone Backup Extractor & Manager – AnyTrans


  • It is a full-way iPhone manager, cannot only extract your iPhone backup but also backup and transfer your data;
  • The simple and clear design brings everything into focus, extracting your iPhone backup data in a few clicks;
  • Fully compatible with all iPhone/iPad/iPod models and iOS versions;
  • It also lets you transfer data among iDevice, computer, iTunes, and iCloud.


  • Free to scan and preview backup files, and you have items limits for export so you need to upgrade to the pro version if you want to extract more files from backup. Check the price plan of AnyTrans here: Buy AnyTrans >

3. iPhone Backup Extractor

This software is named as “iPhone Backup Extractor“, which is compatible with all the iDevices and available on both Mac/PC operation systems. With it, you can easily get your iTunes backup information and extract data from iTunes backup on computer.


  • Available on Mac/PC operation systems.
  • Can extract data from iPhone backup or iCloud backup.
  • With expert mode to extract iPhone backup.


  • It’s paid software too.

4. iBackup Extractor


iBackup Extractor can find all iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad backups on your computer and lets you recover your files with ease. With iBackup Extractor, you can extract iMessages, call logs, bookmarks, calendars, and other data from iTunes backup.


  • Can extract files from any iTunes Backup of iOS devices.
  • Available on Mac and Windows computers.
  • Free trial to extract 50 items and can retrieve deleted iPhone data.


  • Cannot extract data from iCloud backup.
  • Cannot fully scan iTunes backup.
  • With few Export-formats available.

5. iSkysoft Toolbox – Data Recovery (iOS)

iSkysoft Toolbox – Data Recovery (iOS) is similar to PhoneRescue for iOS, it cal recover data from iPhone and extract data from iPhone backups. It supports the iPhone iPad, iPod touch and works on PC and Mac.

iSkysoft Toolbox – Recover (iOS)


  • Scan your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch directly to recover lost data.
  • Extract data from the iTunes Backup for you to recover selected files.
  • Extract data from iCloud Backup to retrieve selected files.


  • You need to pay if you want to extract files from the backup.
  • It doesn’t support encrypted iTunes backup files.

6. iBackup Viewer [FREE]

iMacTools iPhone Backup Viewer (iBackup Viewer) supports extracting almost all kinds of data from iPhone backup, including contacts, call history, messages, internet, photos and App data. With iBackup Viewer, you can easily scan and view data on your iTunes backup on the computer.


  • Can find all of the iPhone backups on the computer.
  • Can Browse and extract data from iTunes backup.
  • Simple interface and easy-to-use.


  • Not freeware, you have to pay for it.
  • Can’t recover the data that has been overwritten (not only PhoneRescue but also other iPhone backup extractor tools can’t).

FAQs: iPhone Backup Extractor Related Questions

First thing first. What is iPhone backup?


iPhone backup refers to the copying and archiving of iPhone data with iTunes/iCloud, so it can be used to restore an iPhone from the original after a data loss or iPhone upgrade event. iPhone backup usually has two purposes. One is to recover iPhone data after an iOS data disaster, be it for rescuing from iOS data deletion. The other is to set up an iPhone with the data from an earlier backup (how to transfer data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone).

Then, what is iPhone Backup Extractor?

Whenever an iPhone backs up to your computer or to the iCloud server, iTunes/iCloud keeps nearly all of your device’s data and settings, like the messages, notes, bookmarks, app settings, and so forth. Regarding the iTunes backup on a Mac, files synced from your iPhone are stored in a backup folder in ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup. Three common file types are:

  • Info.plist file in each folder tells you which folder corresponds to which device.
  • Manifest.plist contains an encoded manifest, a list of those files backed up by iTunes along with info like their digital signature, size, permissions, and so forth.
  • Several backup files using my backup extension contains semi-encrypted versions of all the backed up files.

What an iPhone backup extractor software does is, it locates/downloads your iTunes/iCloud backup folders, reads the Info.plist and Manifest.plist files so as to let you extract files based on a variety of file types. Usually, an iPhone backup software is capable of extracting data on your computer, but rare ones let you transfer the extracted files directly onto a new device.

Last, the criteria of a good Backup Extractor?

The criteria of the best iPhone backup extractor vary from users’ specific demands. Here are some key factors to consider when you need to extract your iOS backups.

#1. Compatibility

As Apple keeps rolling out a new version of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, compatibility is one of the key criteria for choosing a suitable iPhone backup extractor. You’d better check the model and iOS of your device to see if it is listed on the developer’s product specification page.

#2. Design & Easy-to-use

No one can bear the resident apps on his or her computer is ugly or hard to use. That’s why the design and usability of a Backup Extractor are also one of the key criteria.

#3 . Cost

It’s our failure that we hardly deliver you all the BEST yet FREE iPhone/iTunes Backup Extractor solutions. As recovering your important personal information is crucial to your life, we believe commercial software products with expert support would bring the best result. Therefore, almost all the products we will review are paid software.

The Bottom Line

The basic principle of choosing the best iPhone backup extractor tools is to find data on your iPhone backup and transfer them directly to your iPhone, instead of saving on the computer. So if you want to transfer files like pictures, voice memos, or contacts to your iPhone, it’s recommended to use AnyTrans for iOS. Otherwise, if the content you need has been deleted before, PhoneRescue offers you the pro-level iOS data recovery solution. Go Get AnyTrans or PhoneRescue for iOS to Get Started.

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