About the Meeting

About the Meeting

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This fast-paced, energetic workshop provides ideas that will help you grow your personal and professional success!

At the THRF Workshop, you’ll hear from a host of presenters on the issues most important for everyone working in IT, HR, and finance. The program is designed specifically with your needs in mind and to gives you the tools, resources, innovations, and solutions you need to move your IT, HR, and finance strategies to the next level. And, in addition, you will receive an update on the latest performance of the MPL/HPL insurance industry—key information that will help you make better decisions. Of course, don’t forget about the roundtable discussions—where you will have a chance to exchange information and share experiences with professionals who best relate to and understand your daily challenges.

Reminder: Bring your electronic device of choice—laptop, tablet, or smartphone—so you can take full advantage of the WiFi connection and PIAA’s mobile app.

2017 Overview

The 2017 THRF Workshop brings together the technology, human resources, and finance disciplines from PIAA member companies. There are general sessions encompassing important information for all MPL/HPL professionals, breakout sessions focused for each discipline, and always-popular roundtable discussions that examine issues—large and small—that are important to your day-to-day work.

Featured sessions include:


  • Business value alignment—what your company can gain by a structured business and IT health check
  • IT roundtable
    Human Resources:

  • The importance of a strong succession strategy
  • HR roundtable

  • MPL insurance industry performance
  • A.M. Best presents new BCAR update
    General sessions:

  • Five trends shaping the future of work
  • Big data and the impact on the MPL/HPL industry
  • Politics and policy in the era of Trump

To view the complete agenda, with session descriptions, click here.


Who will be there?

This multi-disciplinary workshop is tailored specifically for medical and healthcare professional liability insurance professionals who work in the areas of or have an interest in information technology, human resources, or finance. It features track sessions for each discipline as well as general sessions that address global MPL/HPL and professional development issues.

Here are some reviews from attendees at last year’s THRF Workshop

Great meeting! The networking opportunities are invaluable.

Looking forward to next year and hearing more outstanding speakers.

The roundtable discussions are very helpful.
Thanks for another great THRF Workshop!